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Crossroads brings to you Thirak- The Ultimate Dance Extravaganza


2 Panache, The Western Dance Society of SRCC, is one of the top notch dance societies in the Delhi University dance circuit.

It has been in existence since 2005. The nerds, after conquering the best commerce college in Asia have triumphed over BITS Pillani, Delhi Dance Fever, IIT Delhi and various other Delhi University Colleges. In their pursuit to fly higher,  they have joined hands with the annual fest organised by the union to make Thirak happen, where the hearts will tap to the palpating music beats.

The most prestigious annual fest in the DU family; Crossroads, needs no introduction. It makes the emotional plethora of every SRite reach its epitome in these four amazing days. The third day of Crossroads will be marked open by the two dance events; Can You Duet? and Exuberance under the flagship of Thirak. Can You Duet is one the first of its kind event being held on such a large scale. It provides the opportunity to wrong the notion that only dance forms like salsa, tango, rumba etc can sex up the dance floor. It also sets aside the prevalent concept of  duet of that of a a girl and a boy, and invites the passionate dancers to explore dancing in doubles on different dance genres. Exuberance is one of the most popular events of Crossroads marked by celebrity judges.  Its a dance extravaganza where different dance troupes battle it out to prove there mettle, amidst the cheering crowd. Thirak ’14 promises an enthralling experience  for both the dancers to showcase their dance skill, and the non dancers to sit back and enjoy every nuance of the event.

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