WhatsApp messages are known for fake news on every occasion, you name it and they have a pseudo-scientific reason to back up their point. But these WhatsApp messages are creating panic in this catastrophic coronavirus outbreak.

Chanting To Stop Coronavirus

Chanting can stop coronavirus!! Can people be realistic for a moment! The only thing WHO and every medical practitioner dealing with this virus is repeatedly telling us is to self isolate and follow the basic three practices- wash hands, cover your mouth while sneezing and avoid touching your face.

Helicopter Spray To Eradicate Coronavirus

No important news has ever been circulated through WhatsApp, Telegram or any other private chat based app. News channels cover everything. If the government takes any action or measures to eradicate coronavirus, newspapers and news channels are the best source to find that out.

Homeopathic Medicines For Coronavirus

No medicine has been found or invented to fight coronavirus to date. Every nation is trying to find a way to treat this virus  and nonetheless, there are numerous assumptions that are faux. Treating coronavirus with homoeopathic medicines is also one of them. Self-medication can lead to other health problems.

Garlic Water To Treat Coronavirus

Consuming garlic is healthy, but there is no relation between garlic and treatment of coronavirus. No cure in the name of Wuhan doctors or Chinese doctors should be believed.

Rasam Can Cure Coronavirus

Rasam! Seriously?

Coronavirus is affecting people whose immune systems are weak; like old people, small kids or people with a low metabolism. We all can eat healthy food to improve our metabolism, but no food is said to cure this virus to date.

Constant Sex Kills Coronavirus

If you just laughed at this and forget about it, great! But if you actually believe this to be true, are we even educated if we gave this news a thought?

Misreading Janta curfew

The only intent behind the  Janta curfew was to encourage self-isolation. There was no scientific reason behind Janta curfew.

Sound Waves Can Weaken Coronavirus

Seems like India has better WhatsApp scientists than NASA!

All we know about coronavirus is that it spreads quickly, but there is no sense behind hot water killing coronavirus.

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Fake News About The President of Italy

If you pay a little attention, the person in this message is the President of Brazil not the President of Italy.

Revealing Full Address Of Anyone & Claiming They Tested Positive

The recent incidents of indecent behaviour towards North-Eastern Indians by revealing address of infected persons should not be taken as “spreading awareness” and should be avoided. Some messages are doing the rounds where a proper address is given and it is claimed that the residents have tested positive, while NOTHING OF THAT SORT HAS HAPPENED. They are well and ok. 

People have gone to extreme measures of spreading fake news to misguide and create panic.

At this moment of crisis, we all should refrain from spreading anything and everything, and should forward only verified or such news that we are sure of so that unnecessary panic and rumours about coronavirus can be minimised.

To control the panic created by WhatsApp messages, Indian government has released a chatbox which can be assessed by sending a WhatsApp message on WhatsApp number +91 9013151515.

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Sources: BBC, The Hindu, The Guardian

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