West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, was basically keeping no stone unturned to protect the state from the massive outbreak of COVID- 19. Starting from schools, colleges, restaurants, parks, offices to tourist places – all are locked down already in West Bengal and the offices that are needed to stay open are also following strict safety measures. 

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But one 18 years old cool dude who is also the son of a State Government officer messed Didi’s plans to keep the state safe with his grace and mummy’s official power. 

Aditya, the son of a WBCS officer and a Child Specialist of West Bengal, himself is a student of Oxford University (keep your mouth open and roll your eyes while reading the word OXFORD). But this is no more his identity now.

He became infamous in a day with his actions i.e. loitering in the city of joy even after knowing something is severely wrong with his health in terms of COVID 19.

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Now the question is, what did Aditya do?

Aditya is the sweet Oxford guy who went to Cambridge to attend a birthday party with his friends. The party Aditya attended, had people who were already affected by coronavirus. Therefore, there were high chances from the very beginning that Aditya might get infected by the virus.

This is not all, a few days after that gathering, Aditya’s friend who went with him to the party was found to be COVID-19 positive and officials from the Oxford University made him aware of this situation and asked him to take the necessary precautions. 

But the son of b…. bureaucrat decided to leave England and come to Kolkata. He did not only come to Kolkata with light fever but avoided airport screening by using his mummy’s power and also did not go to Beleghata I.D. hospital despite being told to do so.

He then, held his mummy’s hand and visited some famous shopping malls of Kolkata and went to Nobanno Bhavan, the head office of CM Mamata Banerjee. While he kept on loitering here and there, his mother even attended meetings with other officials there and then took her son to M.R. Bangur hospital as he was not quite feeling well by then.

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Doctors of Bangur hospital suggested Aditya to go to Beleghata I.D. again and despite hating the whole idea of going to a Government hospital to isolate himself, he visited the hospital. 

And guess what?

His tests came positive. He was found out to be COVID -19 positive.

India is a country of 130 crores. Let’s forget about masks and sanitization, it is a country where people sleep on pavements and do not get basic food to eat and clean clothes to wear. But why do we care?

As long as people have money, power and wealth, they can refuse to think compassionately and no Oxford University or any other eminent universities can teach human empathy if they are not willing to learn.

Aditya is the nasty representative of the bourgeois people, who are educated yet act foolish and rich (in terms of wealth) yet so very poor (in terms of values).

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