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10 Disney Shows We Want Back!



  1. Sonny with a chance: TV series aired for 2 years from 2009 to 2011 on Disney channel. Starring Demi Lovato and Sterling Knight besides others, revolved around Demi Lovato being selected as a cast member in her favourite comedy show called “So Random”. The theme song “So Far, So Great” is a peppy song sung by the leading lady herself, the song talks about grabbing opportunities. The show had two successful seasons comprising of 47 episodes, originally aired in the U.S in English.
  2. Suite life of Zack and Cody: who isn’t aware of the troublesome twins Zack and Cody? The show revolves around the life of these two twins living inside the Tipton Hotel who constantly cause problems in the smooth functioning of their so called home. The show had three seasons comprising of 87 episodes starting from 2005-08. This was amongst the few Disney shows to have more than 65 episodes. The series was nominated for an Emmy Award three times and was nominated for a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award three times.

Suite life on Deck: was the sequel to the hit television show, the setting however changes and the show is shot on a ship that apparently is travelling around the world. The show had 3 seasons comprising of 71 episodes.

  1. That’s So Raven: One of my personal favourite shows is That’s so Raven, which was about a psychic teenager and her adventurous life with family and friends. The show being a hit aired for 4 years from 2003-07 and had 100 episodes divided over 4 seasons. The theme song “That’s so Raven” truly sums the topsy turvy life of this teenager.
    The show also had a sequel called Cory In The House.
  2. Hannah Montana: one of the most famous shows amongst teenage girls all over the world. The show is about the dual life lived by Miley Stewart, one as her real self and the other as a teenage superstar and popstar Hannah Montana. The show had 4 seasons containing 98 episodes in all. The show talked about friendship, love, family as well, just like other teenage sitcoms. Apart from the show, the Hannah Monatna songs and movies also gained a lot of popularity. Hannah goodies like bags, bottles, pencil boxes, umbrellas, stationery etc are very very common amongst teenage girls all over even today.
  3. Wizards of Waverly place: as the name suggests revolves around the teenage wizards named Alex ,Justin and Max Russo and their adventures as wizards (secret identity is maintained throughout, however Alex’s best friend knows that all of them are wizards).The show gets even more interesting by the end with the advent of warewolfs (Alex’s boyfriend). The show aired for about 5 years, had 4 seasons comprising of 108 episodes. The books were and are still are very famous.
  4. Phil of the future: It follows a family from the future that gets stranded in the 21st century when their time machine breaks down. They are thus stuck in the city of Pickford (California) and are struggling to live there until their return to 2121. The show aired on Disney channel, had a total of 2 seasons comprising of 43 episodes.
  5. Naturally Sadie: this Canadian teen drama sitcom ran for 2 years having 3 seasons with a total of 65 episodes. The show was about a teenage girl named Sadie who loved studying animal behaviour. The show received a good response and thus was aired in 20 countries all over the world.
  6. Jonas: okay so while I was consulting the internet for the basic details of the show, I read the plot and I had no idea that that is actually what the show was all about. So well I am copy pasting it-‘The original concept for the TV series was about the band playing concerts as a cover while working as government secret agents to save the world and was entitled J.O.N.A.S. (an acronym which stood for “Junior Operatives Networking as Spies”). At the same time, they tried to hide their double lives from their mother and Frankie.Meanwhile, Stella, ignorant of the Jonas’ double lives, dated each of the famous brothers without informing the others and reported the details in her teen magazine column’. Like the name suggest the show stars the teenage heart throbs, Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas. The show had a total of two seasons (both shot at different locations) comprising of 34 episodes in total.
  7. Lizzie Mcguire : the sitcom starred Hillary Duff as the leading lady besides other actors that included Adam Lamberg, Lailaine etc. The feature appreciated by the audience was that the show had an animated Lizzie as well who showed the true feelings Lizzie was experiencing. The show had total of 65 episodes spread over 2 seasons. The show portrayed the importance of friendship in the lives of teenagers like the protagonist.
  8. Aaron Stone: the show aired on Disney channel from February 2009 to July 2010. It had a total of 2 seasons comprising of 35 episodes. The series is about a teenager named Charlie Landers (Kelly Blatz) who is enlisted to become the real-life counterpart of his world-renowned avatar Aaron Stone from the fictional video game Hero Rising (totally copied that from Wikipedia, lack of memory). If any of you do get a chance to watch the show, please do.



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