Unusual Comparisons: Arnab Goswami and Rafflesia Flower

Is there any similarity between a full-time loudspeaker or as we know him, Arnab Goswami and the ugliest flower in the world? ED discovers some.

Arnab Goswami must have been the kid because of whom the teacher asked if the classroom was a fish market. Now that he has resigned from TimesNow, somehow we all will miss him. Everybody knows the newsroom debate was all about noises and clamour. Nothing new to add to the fact.

Goswami has left a legacy behind – his brand of journalism is every sane journalist’s nightmare. Just like rafflesia is every flower-lover’s nightmare.

ED discovered some MORE similarities while comparing both of them.

1. They are parasitic

Rafflesia is a parasitic plant which grows on its host. It therefore does not have any stems or roots. Arnab Goswami is parasitic too. He will extract whatever information or argument you hold about anything, convert it into a rhetoric, supplement it with screams, and just like rafflesia grows on its host, Goswami will grow on your intelligence (because he doesn’t possess it) and successfully gain TRPs for his programme. Goswami has no foundation for debating.

No big difference between both
The rafflesia does not have a stem. And intelligence cannot stem from Goswami. Close enough!

2. The colour saffron

A rafflesia is mostly saffron in colour. Bright saffron colour helps in attracting insects for pollination. We all have seen Goswami’s desperation for a war with Pakistan, his militant hatred towards that nation and blatant refusal to criticize any of the present government’s “earnest” policies. Arnab Goswami is deep-drenched in saffron, like a rafflesia, and all warmongers spread his seeds of hatred and saffronization of the Hindu society.

Arnab Goswami and his nonsensical newsroom
The underlying assumption is that Pakistan is a terror factory. No scope for a dialogue. WOW!

3. Close to extinction

Rafflesia flowers are endangered, and are now in the danger of getting extinct. With Arnab Goswami in the journalism scene, common sense is being endangered and rhetoric gaining momentum. If we do not preserve what is being pushed to extinction, our future generations will never get to know what the best things in nature would have been like. Yeah, rafflesia too. But honest journalism is important as well.

4. Being the impossible

Rafflesia has entirely lost its ability to make chloroplast because of its parasitic nature. It was once thought to be impossible for a plant to not have a chloroplast genome; rafflesia proved otherwise. In the same manner, Goswami did the impossible – content of your debate doesn’t matter, all that matters is how you sell it. In a world where rhetoric was only confined to politics, he introduced the concept to journalism.

Nothing sums our feelings better.
A phool for the fool.


Now that Arnab Goswami has announced his exit, we can only wait for him to actually find a new host to pollinate his seeds. Till then, we can only miss him.

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