Mamata Banerjee Said What?! -Sarcastic Things That Happened In News This Week

News this week was no better than the last ones. People say something and then do something completely different. Just when I think the world has run out of sarcastic things to say, I happen to stumble upon a host of weird ideas and counter-intuitive arguments I cannot resist wryly smiling at.

Politicians having a sudden change of heart, to absurd ‘anti-national’ drama playing out in public, here a sneak peek into what sarcastic happened in news this week.



Mamata Banerjee Condemns Kansas Shooting with the statement, “We don’t support the Politics of Hate.”


All of India stands united against the hate that took the life of a good man, the Kansas shooting incident is indeed shameful and disheartening.

But which niches of hate politics does Mamata Didi exactly reject, and which ones does she not, remains very very mysterious!


CBSE issues mandatory Guidelines for maintaining School Buses.

news this week


CBSE in striving to make the buses safer for the school children in India, because painting them yellow is not enough to prevent bus drivers from trying a Need For Speed: India Edition on the streets. Or from other vehicles from actually considering that there are some pretty rad children sitting inside them.


Early Uber Investors Take A Stand Against Harassment Within Their Own Company.


“Mitch and Freada Kapor publicly rebuked the company after former Uber employee Susan Fowler described in a blog how she was sexually harassed by a manager and that human resources and upper management refused to punish the offender and even threatened her with a bad performance review,” Reuters reports.

Frankly, we don’t understand either when exactly did Uber and Sexual Harassment become such great friends.



Sunidhi Chauhan Loves International Music But Hates International Politics. Coz, Life’s Too Short Bruh. 


As much as the ‘East-West’ collaboration thrills her and us Indians (yeah admit it), we are not very chuffed about how in the same interview she flatly says, “The politics and everything, I honestly don’t get into all those things because it upsets me, and at the end of the day, life is too short.”

Good Luck Sunidhi. Good Luck.


ATM Machines Around India are Happily Minting Fake Money.


ATM Machines minting fake xeroxed notes post demonetization that was supposed to do away with counterfeit money. BJP government, what’s up?


And Finally, if ABVP thinks that it can get away with creating a Culture of Fear at every college campus, they are dead wrong. 


Maybe this sounds a little personal around here, but it is a matter of great irony that political goons can think that educational institutions are the maverick sites to quell freedom of thought and expression and get away with it. They cannot.

Students across India will be united against every attempt that will be made by ABVP, or any political party, or any coercive body, and we will not allow anyone to misinterpret circumstances in order to brand the true sons and daughters of this motherland as anti-nationals.



That’s the final thought with which I would like to round up the news this week. For a heavier dose of sarcasm, come back next week, the same place!

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