Here’s What Makes A Film Evergreen According To Me

We all love movies and even more love to watch, experiment and try out new movies.

Catching the latest on cinema or the television if it’s a bad movie but you still want to see it, is nothing new.

But more than anything else, we love to rewatch certain movies.

They usually have a very special place in our hearts for a number of reasons, either it was the first movie we remember seeing, that movie watching experience is connected to some other joyous event and more.

However, have you ever wondered what exactly makes a movie evergreen for the masses?

What makes a film ala DDLJ that has been running at Maratha Mandir for almost 25+ years and people to still go crazy as shiz about it?


Let us try and dissect this topic and see what exactly makes a film last the test of time:

1. Film Has An Epic Plot:

Most of the times, the thing that makes a film go evergreen is the plot. But the trick here is not just any plot, but an epic, larger then life kind of plot that is somehow able to transport people back into that time.


See most films don’t last too long because they are bound in their times, but films like Roja, or Gone With The Wind or even Titanic are able to take their viewer and actually make them feel as if are in that situation themselves.

The plot is also based on very big and epic events that most people know about, feel bad about or have intense feelings about.

So that even if you watch that movie some 10 or so years later, you will still be able to understand the gravity of the plot of the movie.

2. Not Set In A Particular Time Period:

This point is in direct contrast with the first point but is still very valid when it comes to making a film evergreen.

See, there are only so many events that transcend countries, people, cultures and more so that they are known universally.

That is why if one is not able to find such a kind of event or moment in history, then it should be extremely important that the plot and more so the direction and flow of the film should be such that it can fit into any time period, without much difficulty.

That is exactly the reason why films liked DDLJ or Andaaz Apna Apna are still on the top of rewatch movie list for many people.

Because they are not really set or at least not very obviously in any certain time frame.

The jokes, the technology, plot and the way the film has been made makes it easy for any one watching, no matter when to connect with the emotions in the film instead of the actual plot.



3. Animated Movies:

Okay, I know this is not exactly a reason and more of a genre, but even in this it is  not like every single animated film is evergreen.

But and this correlates to a point I made in the beginning of the article, an animated movie is usually one of the first films that we watch or at least remember watching.

Thus those ones automatically take a special place in our memory and we generally reach for them only when in the mood to watch something nice.

Also, the older ones like Toy Story, certain Disney movies and such are ones that will forever remain in our hearts, for what reason exactly, well you let me know in the comments, okay?

4. Crackfest Of A Film:

The fourth but not the last point that I believe makes a movie go evergreen are the crackfest kind of films, mainly spoofs of others big and serious films, or those that basically don’t take themselves too seriously.

Spoofs or parodies of really famous films or a bunch of film references all combined into one is a sure shot way to make a film go evergreen.

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