Sakht Launda Zakir Khan took the YouTube space by storm when he released few clips of his stand-up a couple of years back. Almost every video of his has more than a million views.

When Amazon Prime Video came to India, it couldn’t afford to not sign the most desi and relaxed stand up comic of India. Zakir Khan.

His stand up special is named “Haq se single” which obviously resonates with the youth, majority of whom are single or heartbroken or single who pretend to be heartbroken.

The only reason I would watch Zakir’s stand up is to laugh and have a good time, to lighten my mood. Never had I ever imagined that it would not just be entirely about comedy.

It’s more than that.

Zakir Khan performing in his Amazon special Haq Se Single

Haq Se Single, as cheeky as the title could get, is not a story about a friend-zoned guy who was ditched once and is now embracing the singlehood, or at least pretending to embrace it. It is not full of sexist jokes or sexual innuendos. Of course, a part of it is but again, it is not confined to it.

With one and half hour of entertainment and love, Haq Se Single is set to take you on a journey of failed relationships. Relationships which failed, but yet have a beauty attached to it.

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In his special, Zakir talks about his live-in relationship. Yes, Zakir was in a live-in relationship with his girlfriend. He dramatically tells how he managed to reveal this to his parents and how the marriage is in January next month. Her marriage, not his.

Also, Zakir has had relationships. Yes, with an S. And he made it very clear in his stand-up special.

Honourable mention should be given to Zakir’s love for sushi. He hates to read books but loves to listen to them when his girlfriend *cough* ex, read to her over the phone. One time he slept while listening to her. What happened next will not shock you.

Jokes apart, Zakir’s stand up special is more about life than about comedy. Via his tryst with relationships, he explains to the audience how he has grown up. Or rather how it’s his fault also when some cracks appear in relationships. He talks about male chauvinism and how big a deal male ego is.

The entire hall-cum-stadium cheered in awe and pain when Zakir said the following lines:

We are a generation of broken hearts and broken people.

With use of words like “Apan”, and “Bhai”, he connected with every individual on a personal level. Eventually, winning their hearts.

One thing that I took away from his show was this line:

Apne nazron mey apna self esteem girna kaafi kharaab hota hai

I would highly recommend it to anyone of any age group.

From Indore to Bombay to Amazon, Zakir has come a long way. :)

Image Credits: Google Images

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