From Discovering A Man With A Uterus To Finding Yogiji’s Lost Brother, Here’s Everything Sarcastic That Happened In News This Week

Trust me, I have quite a tough time at the end of every week to round up which top news this week should really make the cut as the most sarcastic ones. If the headlines aren’t sarcastic enough, the context in which the news arises builds a foundation enough for me to point at the newspaper and laugh in the library, only to apologize to everyone else around me.

Here’s a roundup of top six headlines that cracked me in news this week.


Twitter Couldn’t Get Over How Uncannily Alike Vin Diesel And Yogi Adityanath Look.


I am not usually the one to jump on bandwagons but the appointment of Yogi Adityanath is probably the biggest sarcastic headliner this year. What is even more hilarious is how Twitter adapts to news such as this. But yeah seriously look at their faces, it’s hard not to spot the eerie similarity.

BJP had taken the fast and furious bit a little too seriously after all.


Come April, You will Be Permitted to Pay and Use Restrooms in South Delhi Hotels and Restaurants.


I like this rule. I mean who can hate this rule? Even if you don’t have money enough in your purse to buy a sandwich from them, your pocket change will finally be useful in funding more wannabe bathroom selfies.


Delhi Government will Now Pay Emergency Bills at Private Hospitals for Road Accident, Burn, and Acid Attack Victims!


Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain told the media that a lot of victims severely suffer from late redressal to their immediate injuries and therefore this move will ensure that a lot of vital time is not wasted on logistics. This can potentially save hundreds of lives every couple of days and is a very welcome move!

Never too late to play the good samaritan.



“Bengal Hospital ‘Discovers’ Uterus, Ovary in 63-Year Old Man.”


This one made my jaw drop. Was it some kind of a miracle?

But it turned out that someone at the Barasat Cancer Research and Welfare Centre (Hospital) simply made a typing error. The hospital must be thanking their stars that nobody died of a heart attack amidst all this.


Three Siblings Die after Their Mom Pushed Them into a Water Tank.


Before you start ranting about abusive mothers, you must know that the mother tried to drown herself in this Chandigarh case, owing to problems with her husband, but was rescued. The whole thing is just depressing, marriage is depressing, the world is depressing.

Okay, this depressed me too much. Can people stop punishing children for things they cannot even imagine doing?


A Student from Arunachal Pradesh in Bangalore was Beaten Up and Humiliated by his Landlord in an Alleged Racist Attack.

Higio Gungtey also stated that he was made to lick his assaulter’s shoe after being beaten up to bleed for apparent;y using up too much supply water. Investigations are on and the racism angle remains unconfirmed, but yes if the heinousness of the act doesn’t verify that it was a hate crime what will?


That’s it for news this week. Come back next week same place for more!

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