The Less Your Weight Is The More Marks You Get- The Need For Bias Training

School is one of the worst times, and sure later on you might think fondly of those days but when you are actually going through it, then nothing can beat it.

Already getting good marks seems to be most difficult thing you have to do, what with a million other things to think about. And now it comes to be that, you might be getting less marks because of your weight!

This observation, comes from the latest edition of Sociology of Education journal that points out that there might be a close connection to obesity and academic performance and that a big part of this could be how educators deal with girls of different sizes.

According to the study, teachers might form such opinion as early as elementary school and believe that obese girls would be less academically inclined than normal weight ones.

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Okay, Are You Seriously Kidding Me!

First off, this study is from US, which let’s be honest would have this problem, considering the increasing amount of obesity there. India on the other hand does not have this problem at all, in fact we have the opposite, malnutrition and all, of course that is if the girl child is allowed to live in the first place.

But this study, for me, did bring to light the fact that teachers are extremely biased.

I know, I know, teaching and being a teacher are considered to be most noble professions ever in the entire world. And I agree that the profession is noble and some teachers are exceptionally awesome in making sure their kids learn something worthwhile.

However, I also firmly believe that a lot of teachers, and the lot is a lot, like a staggeringly high number, are quite biased and even when dealing with young children, set firm their opinions very early on.

Afterwards, it is extremely difficult to break them off this mentality, and the thing is, such biases can and have been quite dangerous for the student themselves, as without their intentional fault, they are victim to something they cannot control.

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Bias Training- To Do Away With Biasness Among Teachers?

One thing that I would love it, if introduced in the Indian education system, is to have bias training for all teachers, at least twice a year.

And I know that such a training might or might not make much of a difference, but I believe that bias training can truly help students and teachers both to have a much better education experience.

Bias training especially for rural and remote areas, not just limited to metro cities with unlimited facilities at hand, is something I would want to happen.

A teacher’s internal biases, something they might not even be aware of, can truly harm the potential of a student and create an obstacle for them to perform better.

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