News This Week That Will Make You Go ROFL

Lots of news happened this week. Some were funny and some were more than funny.

Here is a compilation of all the news piece I found funny and why I found it funny.


Delhi Minister for Women and Child development Sandeep Kumar’s sex tape surfaced this week. He is (was?) a member of the Aam Admi Party. Reaction of his party members after watching the sex tape:


That's My Nigga

Rock On 2 poster released. According to the poster, there’s gonna be one chick between five musician guys. Now that’s going to be a hard choice. In fact, The hardest will win, obviously.


A Jain monk addressed the Haryana Legislative Assembly completely nude. Vishal Dadlani criticised this and stated that religion and politics should be kept at distance. And that was the end. Of Vishal’s Political career.


But let’s focus upon the nudity of the monk. He was modern enough to wear glasses and a French beard but not clothes. Way to go Religion, or rather, stupidity.


Navjot Singh Siddhu to form a new political party named Awaaz-e-Punjab, ahead of Punjab polls.

I can imagine the party’s manifesto filled will abrupt punny shayris.

*Thoko Taali*


John Kerry, US Secretary of State, was stuck in traffic twice due to the infamous #DelhiRains.

Our secret sources tell us that he was so irritated that he came close to saying Behench…

Now he’s officially a Delhite.


Yogeshwar Dutt’s London Olympic Bronze Medal may change to Gold.

That is the first time a sportsman has altered the chemical properties of a medal without using any chemicals. lol


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