Lion King Is Getting A Reboot, Probably: Here Are The Things We Know

Lion King.

Two words that might seem innocuous to one, but for many children, this was not just 2 words, but they were heartbreak, friendship, loss and learning of one’s place in the circle of life.

Lion King, released in 1995, was not just another Disney movie, but it broke through almost every record set before by any animated movie, and till date, remains one of the most popular both commercially and critically movies ever.

A scene from the movie "Lion King." (GNS Photo) ORG XMIT: GPN7
A scene from the movie “Lion King.” (GNS Photo) ORG XMIT: GPN7

For myself, this movie was revloutionary, not just because it was the first movie I remembered watching, but because it has to this day, stuck with me.

And now, I came to hear of the fact that, an official reboot of this legendary film has been confirmed.

If you are till yet unaware of this development, allow me to present to you with the facts that we know till now:

  1. Jon Favreau:


After the massive success of this year’s The Jungle Book, Favreau has become the new golden boy for Disney.

He has been roped in to direct this new reboot of Lion King and the confirmations have come in.

  1. Live Action:


Disney sure seems to be in a live-action mode for some time now, with it churning out one live action after another.

Although till now most of the movies that have been adapted have had a majority of humans in it, wonder how Disney will tackle a live action remake of a movie that has zero human beings in it.

  1. Inclusion Of All The Original Hits:

Lion King was not just popular for it’s plot, but it’s music had a strong hand in making sure that this movie was known everywhere.

It is good to know that most of the original hits of the animated version, will be kept in the live action version.

Now, these are just the facts, however I cannot help but worry, over what would happen if they screw this movie up.

See, the others were popular even as animated version, but they no where enjoyed the same status of popularity as Lion King did.

And there are a couple of things that worry me about this production, first off, the all animal cast, how will they get around that?

Will it be all CGI? Won’t that sort of defeat the purpose of live action?

Also, Disney and it’s live action frenzy seems like a desperate grab at attaining their former glory.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney, but till how long can they remake their old movies, before the audience is fed up of them.

And lastly, if they screw this up, this will destroy the studio. Disney will get a big blow, and thus will have to make sure that this movie is done complete justice.

Signing off, I’d just like to say that, despite all my reservations, I am still looking forward to this version out of all and am keeping my fingers crossed.

Image Credits: Google Images

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