What All Sarcastic Happened This Week? Trash It Trend It

Forgot to follow news this week? Or found it boring af?

Worry not. WE are here to present to you news in a way you cannot imagine. From puns to sarcasm dungs, each will be entertained. The motto here is: Why should news be served to you in a simple plate when you can get it served with a hamper full of fun and entertainment.


Usain Bolt won the 100m Olympic gold medal. Meanwhile, Indians are shocked. “How did he do that without applying Fair and Lovely?”


Lionel Messi announced his retirement in June this year. This week he announced that he will be returning to play for Argentina.

After witnessing his dehla dene wala U-turn skills, AAP has decided to induct him in their party.


Rustom hits cinemas this week and once again Akshay Kumar was projected as the most patriotic actor in the country. It’s funny how he is considered patriotic just because he fights terrorists in every movie.

By that logic, Salman Khan would make a great police officer and a great driver too.



A 19-year-old woman chopped off her own tongue and offered it to the Goddess Kali in pursuance to the dream that she had. Let me get to the funny part now. She was not rushed to the hospital but was covered with a red-gold holy dupatta. (The funny part has not yet arrived)

After 5 hours she gained consciousness and guess what was the first thing she did? Completed the Pooja. *Sanskari Facepalm*




Michael Phelps wins another gold at the Olympics making it a total of 23 Olympic gold medals. Fun Fact: India has won only 9 gold medals at Olympics out of which 3 were won pre-Independence.

So, what is the difference between Michael Phelps and India? 14 Olympic Gold Medals.



After 16 years of being hungry and stubborn, Irom Sharmila has literally no place to live. Even her supporters are not willing to keep her.

Holy Crap she was hungry for 16 years, she should go live inside a Haldiram (or KFC)




Image Credits: Google Images

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