Here’s What Google Brought Us With The Release Of Android 7.0 Called Nougat

Google has announced the launch of its newest OS update called Nougat and it is absolutely how you’d expect it to be: With slight performance improvements, inclusion of new emoji’s and well only available for Nexus users right now.

It’s been always this way with Android. Unless you own a Nexus, the update could take days, weeks or even months to reach your Android phone. Nevertheless, let’s examine what exactly Google brought for us with Nougat.


Here are some noteworthy features of Android 7.0 Nougat:


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While Android catches up quickly to new and innovative technologies, it slightly lagged off in supporting split screen multitasking. The split screen can be activated by long pressing the square “Overview” button and your main window slides up showing previously running apps. It allows you to run two apps side by side and you can simply resize the windows by dragging the divider.


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This is something iOS users were already aware of and Google needed to include it asap in their newest update and hence, they did. Direct reply allows you to reply directly to notifications without having to open any app. Managing notifications became slightly easier for Android users there. Just slightly drag down the received message, reply to it and then send it off.

You could even just dismiss the message by swiping it left, a feature that Apple still didn’t include in its current iOS.


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Whenever you swipe down the top of the screen, the quick setting control screen emerges. As the same it was earlier, it lets you quickly access Bluetooth and WiFi etc and but additionally lets you move around the tiles according to your wish. Meh! Okay, that would come in handy when I’d be alone and bored to death.


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*Cough* Copied *Cough*. Nougat also introduces the new low power usage mode for Android called Doze, that’ll sneakily drop your device into lower power usage mode whenever necessary. We all know where that idea came from.


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Well this is kinda new. Nougat includes Seamless Updates that means you can update the OS in background without actually having to wait while your device installs it. Okay, points for that to the Android people. This one is kinda the need of the hour.

This just the basic gist of it, as per the official blog of Android. Pretty sure, there are more features hidden along somewhere which might be redundant but yes, they will add to the newness of the new update. Wait till the update rolls out for more Android devices other than Nexus. Until then keep sipping your coffee, it’ll be a while before Nougat is released for all Android devices.


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