Britain Is Not Leaving EU: Prime Minister Annuls Referendum Result

It’s been a week since Brexit came true. As dust settles on the fateful day when Britain voted to leave European Union the cackle surrounding Brexit refuses to die down.

It started with Prime Minister David Cameron announcing his retirement followed by Scotland’s demand for another referendum. If this wasn’t enough reports of increased racist attacks in otherwise tolerant Britain has also surfaced. All in all, Brexit isn’t as favourable as it was expected to be.


Let’s face it. Brexit ain’t helping as it was propagated by many Conservative and few Labour leaders. In such a situation, the ‘sensible’ people of the nation have started believing the theories making rounds on social media.
What is the Theory?

When Cameron addressed the media immediately after the results were announced he said that ‘new leadership’ will be responsible for invoking Article 50 of The Lisbon Treaty.
Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty deals with the withdrawal of Britain from EU, clearly mentioning that is an extensive two-year process.

New Leadership, as it is widely believed will be Boris Johnson since he led the Brexit group. Here is where things get complicated.

If Boris Johnson contests in the upcoming election and wins he will be responsible to invoke Article 50 which will mean Scotland breaks away, protests in Ireland and a shattered economy.

If he does not contest and no Article 50 is invoked then Boris Johnson fails too.

Ultimately, it boils down to one person: David Cameron.

What many forgot was that the referendum result was ADVISORY. It wasn’t mandatory for the government to follow it. Cameron while annulling the referendum result also successfully destroyed the careers of all pro-Brexit leaders which included The Mayor of London too.

Let’s face it. A referendum cannot decide Britain’s exit from EU. It is too complicated a matter. It’s not merely the economy or migration but also The Irish border, Gibraltar occupation, the currency, Brits abroad and so much more.

For now, the storm named Brexit has died down preventing disaster and dysfunction not just to Britain but to the entire world. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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