As A Diehard Hrithik Fan, I Pushed Myself To See Shahrukh’s Fan Even When I’m Not Too Fond Of Him

By Vedant Kabra
“In a parallel universe, I see myself starring in a film like Fan.
Albeit, a happier film.
How else do I justify the years of fanboying and jaw dropping and drooling over Hrithik?”
Precisely what I thought when the film Fan was announced and when the first news reports of SRK’s prosthetics were published and well .. After I watched the film.
I’ve never been a fan of SRK’s. It isn’t because I hate him (for god’s sake, love doesn’t need to be so extreme) but because my loyalties were always reserved.
Gaurav would explain it in a similar fashion, although the two of us are pretty sure … Tu nahi samjhega.
A three hour sojourn at the theaters later – I found myself engulfed in emotions, emotions that I couldn’t find words to describe. After half one, I messaged my best friend saying the film is too disappointing to be true – so then what could have possibly happened?
Mansesh Sharma was genuinely off his game (yes the direction was that poor; the movie was treated as several episodes in several places), the script was too poor to be made into a thriller and laced with loopholes (the very convenient crossovers, so to speak, from Gaurav to Aryan are disappointing and show how much Bollywood takes its viewers for granted) but full marks for some taut screenplay; the adrenaline rush is almost achieved in places where it’s most needed – but it often falls flat is several areas.
For thrill seekers, they’d much rather miss the first half; for the (rather convoluted) second half has all the action to be fair.
Be it Gaurav’s menacing turn, his sinister plans or Aryan’s helplessness – it is the second half that pleases the quintessential Bollywood buff (thrills, action, chases and all that jazz!).
No songs, heroines or promotions – Fan is a leap (of faith, technology, storytelling etc) of sorts. Most importantly, because the Shah Rukh of Swades is back (and to be true to myself, he is 100x better here). The man needed a comeback of sorts to catapult him into the league of the Khans and the restore his crown.
As long as the 5’10” frame lights the screen – you wouldn’t ask for anything else. Ofcourse he is let down by shoddy direction, a poor script and hamming in a few places; but Gaurav is all that you to witness to restore your faith in Bollywood (after watching Happy New Year, Dilwale).
Ra.One may not have worked but he tried something new.
To be honest, I’d forgive these five years of trashy films (which I hope were none but the side effects of contemplation and thorough reviewing).
For most, Fan would require you to suspend your beliefs – but for die hard fans like me – Hum Samajhte Hain…
A superstar of his stature getting all the nuances of a 20 something fan right (aspirations, inspirations, elation, agony) is a commendable feat.
The film didn’t leave the all important – after taste. But ShahRukh did. You never know when the man might relapse and join hands with Mr. Shetty again – so watch Fan right away.
For the sheer masterclass and cracker of a performance by SRK and ofcourse… TK … be transported back into your world of fantasy when all you wanted from life was Paanch minute of your favourite star.
Fan did that for me.
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