Chinese Girl From U.S. Comes To India For The First Time: Here’s What She Thinks Of Us

She doesn’t hate Delhi and is brutally honest about India. Refreshingly, she didn’t go all ‘OMG I love this place, the people are amazing’ on us. Because where’s the spice, eh?

Imagine meeting your fiance’s family for the first time.

Now, you are of Chinese descent and they are North Indians.

And they live in Delhi, and you in Texas, so you are visiting the Land of Absolutely Everything Crazy On Earth for the first time.

You, my friend, are Ms Christina Yang (name changed for reasons of privacy), working with an energy company based out of Texas, and on the personal front, all set to marry a Dilli da munda.

She doesn’t hate Delhi and is brutally honest about India. Refreshingly, she didn’t go all ‘OMG I love this place, the people are amazing’ on us. Because where’s the spice, eh?

The spice follows.

What was your initial impression of India?

Crowded. I walked out of the airport at 3am and the crowd waiting outside was unbelievably big.

How did the Chinese propagandas affect your views on Indians and the country?

China has always been a good friend of Pakistan so that you know we don’t hear about the best things about India. News on India are predominantly sexual assault cases.

What was the factors or events that changed your perception of India?

The human factor. I find Indian people very hard-working and resilient, especially the lower-income class. They are constantly hustling, and do not get very disappointed when they fail (as far as I can see). They pick themselves up very quickly, and always trying to make a deal with you. Though there are people who have lower ethical standard, I respect the group as a whole.

People generally have a very skewed view on such developing countries. Any message or thought that you want to share with people who are still ignorant of countries like India and their contribution?

Well, it is their loss to be arrogant and ignorant. Economic development is not waiting for anyone. However, I would encourage them to personally visit India to get a better knowledge of the country. Asia, South America and Africa are the new powerhouse and it’s no joke.

Also, what is the one misconception you had that was terribly wrong about India?

Most things lived up to my expectation. So there is really nothing “terribly wrong”.

Before your India Visit –

Did you ever imagine of India as a land of snakes, charmers and elephant riders?

I did get that kind of exotic impression prior to my visit, but not for big cities like Delhi or Mumbai. I wish it’s true. It’d be really cool to live in a country full of snake charmers and elephant riders huh?

What was the silliest question you asked about India before you landed here?

Do people really wipe their butt with left hand? (I guess they don’t)

Please tell us you never thought that people in India really sing and dance all the time like in Bollywood movies?

No. Though I had been wondering why they always dance and sing in every single Bollywood movie.


After Your Visit – 

What is the craziest thing you saw when driving around Delhi?

The driving part itself was pretty crazy.

But cars always managed to pass each other without crashing. They did it better than Texas!


Too bad India isn’t a scene straight out of the Hymn for the Weekend video.

But we do hope we lived up to all the right expectations! Come again Christina!


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