ScoopWhoop and Murmur App are Stealing from Us, Please help Us

We (Economy Decoded) are trying to reach out to Murmur App and ScoopWhoop for copying our content, and not even giving us credits and hyperlinks to our original posts.

This is an issue a lot of us have faced, and now ED as a start-up is facing the brunt of it. Plagiarism is not new, but when ‘established startups’ do it, it doesn’t paint a good picture.

Murmur App has lifted multiple articles originally written by our team, and despite multiple attempts to reach out to them, the company hasn’t even taken down the content, forget the part of apologising.

Couldn’t think of much else but to make some noise to make these guys hear us out.

Please help us.

Will you tag them, tag somebody from their team or maybe just share this to make more people hear about this?

A special thanks to the Digital Marketing Hub Facebook Group for helping us already.

If anybody has other ideas, do share them.

Let us try and do something about this widespread menace, shall we?

We have already:

For Murmur app:

1. Mailed their founders and official headoffice
2. Messaged one founder on Linkedin
3. Tweeted to 4 people from their company (including founders)
4. Tweeted on all their company handles
5. Posted on ED’s Facebook: 30 shares already on that
6. Messaged them on Facebook
7. Wrote on their Facebook page and even in comments
8. Called their college marketing interns

For Scoopwhoop:

1. Mailed Pallavi from Scoopwhoop cc-ing all the email ids given on their site
2. Tweeted on their handle
3. Messaged to their Facebook page
4. Messaged and called Pallavi with no response, after mailing her
5. Forwarded the mail to one of the their writers we knew

Here are the links:


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