Kylie Jenners New Lip Kit Too Lip-tastic!

By Jinelle D’souza

Who is Kylie Jenner?

In the beginning, everyone  knew Kylie Jenner as Kim Kardashian’s little sister, who would have known that the little cute girl who we used to see in “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” would turn into a beauty and makeup guru. This teenage beauty queen started creating a buzz because of her perfect pout. (Anyone remember The Kylie Jenner Lip challenge?)

Though there were claims that they weren’t natural, she claimed that they were natural and she just uses a lot of lip liner. But later she finally admitted that she got lip injections.


That’s when we noticed her love for lip products. (Not just lip liners #JustSaying) Soon this teenager was taking the world by a storm and had already released her very own cosmetic line Kylie Cosmetics, and the “Kylie Lip Kit” being her first release just at the age of 18. (Wow)


The lipstick line:

The reality TV star first revealed the news of starting her own cosmetic line on Instagram, by posting a photo of herself wearing a vampy chocolate shade lip colour.

When she was asked about her lip kit, if it contained lip glosses, lip pencils and lipsticks, she replied saying  “I’m going to keep that a secret, but it’s a kit and I am super invested. I have been going to the factories, making the shades perfect, because I’m super particular about my lip color. I wanted to make three perfect shades to start off.” Her first release consisted of three lip kits, which turned out to be a HUGE success! The initial release consisted of matte liquid lipsticks and lip liners, which were priced at $29 each.(approximately Rs. 2,000) Each of the three Lip Kits included a liquid lipstick and matching lip liner, and every Lip Kit had a name – Candy K, True Brown K, and Dolce K. November 30th was the chosen day when the Lip Kits went on sale and they all literally got sold out just in a matter of 30 seconds. (Are you kidding me?) What a bummer for the people who were a minute late. And because of the high traffic that the site was experiencing at that time, it crashed. (Say what?!) I can totally learn a thing or two about marketing from Kylie. ;)1


The Crazy Fashion Following:

After the rage her first Lip Kit had created, 3 weeks later she decided to restock! To the delight of her fans who didn’t manage to make their order before 30 seconds. Although that makes me wonder about the ones who got their order, how did they even manage to make an order in under 30 seconds? Wish I were a high-speed shopper like them. The second round of Kylie Lip Kit stock was not different from the first one, that soon vanished into thin air. Well, what can one expect?

Whats More?

And just two days ago hinted that she might release some new shades with an Instagram post on “kyliecosmetics” her cosmetic line handle. So in a few days, we might just get to see more release and more stockouts and some more beautiful shades of her amazing cosmetic line.

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