11 Things To Do At The New India-Thailand Highway

You don’t need to buy expensive tickets to go to Thailand anymore. Just a lot of expensive petrol… The new highway connecting Manipur to Thailand, running through parts of Myanmar, will start gaining traffic from November 2015. The tar has been laid and dried, the white stripes marked.

Naturally, the next step is to plan the trip. Here’s a few things you MUST consider!

  1. Leather jacket. Rowdy Bike. Record time Road Trip.

  1. Momos… Wonder if they will taste any better on THIS particular highway?


  1. Smoke into the the Shillong clouds, then watch it get lost in the white puffs…

shillong - holidayiq_1441180680_725x725

  1. Shrimp Pakoda and the Naypyidaw Pagoda!

  1. Chanting Daimoku in a dark, hidden corner of Angkor Wat. That haunted peace!


  1. Find a needy Nepali, offer them help, see if they take it…


  1. Hire a native Asian driver. What’s adventure without a little danger? ;)


  1. Take a Chinese eyes wali selfie at Guwahati sunset. No offense!

  1. The standard monument pose…

  1. Pull over. Lie down. Cherish the new road! <3


  1. Finally, at the end, finish with a Thai spa and massage!!!


Thanks for watching… Let us know if there’s something else you are looking forward to doing on the new road.


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