Relive Your Childhood Through Food!

If my eighteen years on this Earth have taught me anything, its that childhood is glorious. As kids we pretty much got away with anything. Broken lamp? No problem, just crank up the adorable puppy eyes and the problem virtually disappeared. Those early wonder years were those of unadulterated bliss and entertainment.

So full of joy were these years that no matter how old you get, you will always want to be a child again.

As kids, we all created a lot of fuss about what we would like to eat and what we ought to eat. This pictorial article will take you on a journey of your childhood. It is sure to make you remember all that your childhood was marked by.

Keep munching! balloons snow white batman despicable me dog girl kiss me girl kitty lady gaga MCd mermaid monkey ninja owl pingu pucca rabbit singer


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