Sarthak Agarwal memes: dig in

picSarthak Agarwal topped the CBSE class: 12th board exams for this year with a whopping 99.6%. WOW. This impossible feat has earned him a lot of praise and popularity. But this fame just doesn’t end here. Trolls and memes of him have hit facebook like a storm. Funny and sarcastic, these memes do make you laugh. Even though the admin of this page, reportedly a student of Amity University, has been met with resistance and criticism, Sarthak Agarwal himself says that it’s alright till it’s taken in the right spirit. Way to go, Sarthak. Now for all those, who haven’t been able to go through them, here’s a few of them. Have funnnn!

3 idiots                                      Lol, Sarthak being compared to Rancho, Aamir Khan’s character in 3 idiots, who’s brain cells are next to Einstein.

alia bhatt                                                                                      Alia Bhatt’s dumbness and Sarthak’s intelligence.

alok nath                                                                                             Alok nath’s ashirwaad to Sarthak.

arvind                                                                              Probably, the best of all. Kejriwal’s question to Sarthak.

engineer                                                                                                        Parents’ new aspiration.

bili                                                                                                                        True that.

dettol                                                                                                                 Dettol VS Sarthak


Rajnikanth #swag





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