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ZHAOWEI Micro-Gear Drive Automates Curtains


ZHAOWEI Drive is thrilled to announce the production of micro gear drive for different kinds of curtains on the market. Performance-optimized double-helical gears together with the braking system in tubular planetary gearbox enable hands-free home automation starting from smart curtains.

According to Ambient, the US penetration of smart homes stood at around 32.4% or an estimated total of 41.3 million smart homes. The growing prominence of smart homes drives strong demand for automated blinds and shades. Data from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows the average annual expenditure on curtains and draperies per consumer unit in the United States during 2019 stood at USD 13.58 and saw an increase of 11.95% compared to the previous year. Over the forecast period, major economies in North America and Europe are expected to shift toward smart solutions for window coverings. Together with curtain manufacturers, ZHAOWEI is making inroads into the smart curtain market, where the reliability and quality of components are becoming more important.

Small Body with Strong Torque

ZHAOWEI micro-gear drive integrates micro tubular curtain motor with high-precision planetary gearbox. A different arrangement of the sun gear and planetary gears enables wide speed ratios. The adoption of a modern planetary gear set shows the manufacturing wisdom as it is possible to reduce the weight by 50% with the same torque output and transmission ratio as the traditional one. Despite the compact appearance, strong torque for loading motorized curtains can be obtained from such relatively compact arrangements of gears using a planetary gearbox instead of using compound gear trains. This dedicated design fits into the motorized curtain rods and, with its motorized movements, turns the curtains into smart curtains.

Automated Technology + Reliable Gearbox Structure

The existing gearboxes used for driving curtains mostly adopt multi-stage involute planetary gear transmission structure. But ZHAOWEI’s gearbox for curtain and blinds consists of involute planetary gear reduction mechanism and cycloidal gear reduction mechanism. The former includes a planetary gear and a sun gear while the latter includes a camshaft, whose end is fixedly connected to the first planetary carrier. A larger single-stage transmission ratio brings higher transmission efficiency when compared to general planetary gearboxes on the market. No longer hard to draw the curtains aside or draw them automatically for enjoying the outdoors with peace of mind and protecting from heavy rain to strong winds and hot sun.

Besides, the cycloidal movement makes the cycloidal gear and the pinwheel squeeze each other for large movement coincidence,  contributing to better self-locking performance. Therefore, in addition to hands-free home automation, ZHAOWEI’s reliable gearbox structure for motorized curtains also plays a protection role.

Combination of Comfort and Elegance

Comfort and elegance owe to appearance as well as control. As for the installation, the motor can run inside the motorized curtain track or be exposed outside. Curtains vary and ZHAOWEI offers built-in and external types for choice. Thus, the drive system can smoothly operate without affecting aesthetics. No matter which kind of installation or no matter curtains are used at home or in office, people attach great importance to low noise. ZHAOWEI micro-gear drive system facilitates quiet wireless control of the curtains. It strives to eliminate the interference on the tooth profile and tests for low backlash. All these keep noise levels as low as possible at higher RPM’s and help to prolong its service life without repeated maintenance. Live in comfort and enjoy the elegance!

Curtains are a great way to add some style to increase the home’s value. A remote-controlled motorized curtain mechanism makes sense especially when there are many curtains to be handled or when the curtains are located in odd places difficult to reach manually. ZHAOWEI is shaping smart life by micro-gear transmission technology and helps usher in a prosperous home automation age.

“While marching forward to a smart home, we take another step- introducing a micro-gear drive to shift traditional curtains to intelligent ones for better user experience. With the know-how gained from this and other projects, we develop tailor-made solutions for different curtains consistently on-time and to-spec.” said the Engineering Director at ZHAOWEI.

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