Discipline, hard work and patience are the three pillars that are essential in body Building to achieve a natural physique , which is the right way to do it without the use of any performance enhancing drugs or steroids.

Yuva Prakash – The person

A celebrity in the world of fitness, a business visionary wellness model, personal coach, a well renowned athlete and a celebrity fitness coach.

He is the first Indian to win in Classic physique in  ICN (I Compete Natural) and also in Men’s physique in WNBF ( World Natural Bodybuilding Federation).

Yuva underwent and cleared polygraph testing and drug testing by WADA-WORLD ANTI DOPING AGENCY (an elite testing committee that tests athletes who participate in Olympics Athletics too) before appearing in these prestigious events.

To achieve a healthy body right guidance and advise is a necessity. In a huge country like ours where a significant percentage of people are inclined towards body building and fitness there is a misconception that Bodybuilding generally involves usage of harmful substances like steroids and other man-made chemicals which help in enhancing one’s performance artificially and temporarily. While using such steroids, people get huge and muscular with least amount of body fat hence making it risky for them at a later stage in life. Many health-related mishaps have been noted in history on bodybuilders who have used steroids to artificially enhance their body. We also have been seeing a lot of bodybuilders dying in the recent times too.

Yuva has proved time and again that there is a natural way to showcase your value and make your country proud. We don’t have to go through the enhanced way to achieve that feat. Today, he is one of the very few Indians to bring international laurel to the country without using any steroids. 

Natural Fitness with Yuva

Yuva Prakash has mentored and coached, many celebrities and athletes who have won many national and international bodybuilding competitions, with their natural fitness and continuous to mentor today as well. Yuvas mission aims in creating an awareness about his work ethic with a loud and clear message to the youth who are looking forward to building their body and get into fitness “a great physique can be easily achieved naturally with right amount of workout and correct diet.” A significant youthful population is misguided and brainwashed to believe that a good body is not possible naturally, he wants to change that perspective and deliver message of natural fitness, with proper diet and workout.

Saiyan’s House of Fitness and Natty Supps

To create this awareness, Yuva has established his own gym in Kottivakkam, ECR, Chennai by the name, “Saiyan’s House of Fitness” to promote the cause of natural fitness and by righteously guiding them. Yuva Prakash aims to help people to transform their body in a unique and a healthy way. We know that supplements play huge role in fitness and bodybuilding and there is a chain of fake supplements in the market going around, both online and offline. To counter this problem Yuva has also established his own supplement store in Bangalore and Chennai namely, “Natty Supps” with the motive of delivering the best quality of supplements to the people at their doorsteps. Natty Supps directly and only buys supplements from brands or the official importers making sure the products are genuine. 

Certified and Qualified trainers are appointed at  Saiyan’s House where they claim  ” We guarantee your transformation or you can take your money back.” Every customer is given personalised plan access through Yuva’s own application. Everything is tracked, right form of their workout to diet to performance, to the output. One doesn’t find gyms offering such dedication towards the customers, but here, client’s progress is tracked to ensure best results, with right mentality and guidance.

Changing the outlook of people

Yuva also promises to make people’s life more fulfilling, fun and peaceful with the help of right nutrition, fitness and mental peace. He says, “People are generally resistant to dieting and workouts. I try to change the lookout of people by making the journey fun rather than punishment.” Yuva is an epitome of natural fitness.

As Yuva try to make people aware of natural fitness and its benefits. He also urges people out there to work hard towards their goal and stop using steroids for fast transformation which has very harmful side effects.

Yuva Prakash can be reached via links.



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