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Youth Icon RJ Mahvash’s Matra Of Life


In life little things are big things, Isn’t it? And the quality of success you are achieving day by day depends on your minor decisions taken by you every minute, every day. Isn’t it? When you are trying for something you are going through a lot of processes where you have to choose and sometimes smaller decisions take an effect. 

Born in Delhi and brought in Uttar Pradesh, RJ Mahvash the first female Prankster of India also known as Mirchi Mahvash. She is working with Radio Mirchi in Delhi (98.3FM). Mahvash has done her post-graduation in M.A. Mass Communication from AJK MCRC which is Asia’s best institution for Mass Communication. She has successfully published her two novels on her pen name Mahvash AMU from which one is a Novel and another one is a Poetry book. She has got offers from many movies and Netflix series and she never wants this offer to stop. She is currently co-producing shows for RJ Naved as well. Mahvash has a large number of fan following on social media platforms like Instagram, etc,. 

Travel opens our minds and heart and makes us a better version of ourselves.” Climb the mountain so you see the world, not so the world can see you”.What you are dreaming to be? RJ Mahvash dreams to travel the entire world, to travel around all the mountains and hills of the world. She dreams to travel all the ups and downs of the world.

Mahvash came into the limelight was in controversy with Deepak Kalal where Mahvash could be seen throwing kalal out of the studio for passing some sexist remarks without giving a second of thought about her career. In a very short time, this video became the most viral video on the Internet and it touched millions of people’s hearts overnight.

When asked for a message to youth and people of society she said “Don’t be afraid to try something new because people who troll you don’t have their existence. So help them and let them feel powerful from your existence”. 

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