If latest statistical data is to be believed, millennials have been proved to be the most stressed generation in the present-day society.

Be it the increasing academic pressure, the extra working hours, the sedentary lifestyle or the simple fatigue that one experiences from following the rat race every day, it’s no surprise that we’ve been claimed to be the most depressed and stressed of all generations.

But to combat our problem, Delhi University has found an amazing solution.

In order to promote a healthier and happier lifestyle among students, Ramanujan College of Delhi University is the first in the circuit to start a 6 month certificate course on happiness.

Yes, you heard me right! Who said DU was just all about sky-rocketing cut offs and strenuous time-tables?

Ramanujan College, situated in South Delhi, is pretty well-known for its infrastructure and student rankings.

The course will run under the college’s school of Happiness which was started last year.

What Will The Course Focus On?

The curriculum of the course consists of six modules –

1. Yoga and Meditation

2. Community Service

3. Personality Development

4. Communication Skills

5. Life Skills for Happiness 

6. Glimpse of Vedas and Spirituality

It’ll be open for all DU students and includes no tuition fee. The classes will be conducted early in the morning on alternate days of the week.

The course is inspired by Harvard’s initiative in the field of health and happiness that was launched two years ago.

The college has also collaborated with Harvard University to improve their research and curriculum.

Commenting on this recent addition to the college, SP Agarwal, Principal, Ramanujan College, said,

“The purpose of the course is to provide a space for the students to deal with their daily stress and anxiety. The challenges pertaining to happiness are different at school and college level. We are not collaborating with the Delhi government, but will definitely adopt their best practices”.

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Extra Perks and Benefits

Under a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Management Centre in Innsbruck, Austria, four meritorious students seeking admission in this course will be offered an opportunity to pursue higher education there, while two students will be selected for a cultural exchange program with them.

Other benefits of taking up this add-on course include educational tours, special merit certificates and a letter of recommendation for the students.

They would also be offered relaxation in the attendance of regular classes in case they decide to pursue this course.

The college will be officially commencing the course from August 5th, 2019.

Students will have to fill up an online form and appear for an interview for the registration of the course.

In times when students experience tremendous pressure in schools and colleges, it is indeed a great initiative by the authorities to start a course that caters to their mental and emotional well-being.

Sources: Hindustan Times, Times Of India + more

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