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Writrzblock – Dynamic Duo 


The Writrzblock Studio, located in New Jersey has launched a new mobile application to add to its array of music offerings. The mobile application enables users to get a behind-the-scenes look at the music creation process of independent artists. However, there’s a unique twist, artists featured on the app only have 3 hours to make the song — with the clock starting the second after featured artists hear the beats. This unique combination of mobile technology, artistry, and competition is redefining the way that individuals can experience music and entertainment. CEO, Bakir Floyd is one of the creators behind the application. The initial concept for WritrzBlock came to Floyd while in college at Villanova University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

“The inspiration for the application came from my father’s, James Floyd, musical career, he was a member of Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit back in the ’90s. After he went to jail, I found myself getting more involved in music and that continued while I was in college.” In between engineering courses, Floyd found himself working on artistic projects, with everything from rapping to singing youtube covers. Over time, Floyd began to ideate on different entrepreneurial concepts. But things didn’t come full circle until Bakir’s graduation day, as faith would have it; his graduation took place a few days prior to his father’s release enabling his father to attend. On that day, the two decided to develop a project together. That project has blossomed into a creative agency, studio, and now a mobile application all aimed at revolutionizing the music industry. One thing is clear, for this dynamic duo the sky’s the limit. 

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