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Derek James, the E-Commerce Guru Transforms the Way You Run an Online Business


Technological innovation is becoming more and more present and necessary in the world of online selling. Having the ability to recognize and include within their business the technological processes for the optimization of a company is a step forward in many aspects for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, having the vision to generate processes that offer other businesses the greatest growth ability in their sales processes and improve their management within e-commerce deserves excellent recognition. It is precisely what Derek James has done.

Focused on revolutionizing the way a business is run online, business guru Derek James has dedicated his most recent efforts to launching VA Relief. A world-class Virtual Assistant platform that is designed to create a team of virtual assistants for online sellers. The VA’s are widely trained to provide online solutions in the back end management and handling of businesses in the e-commerce space. That is their focus and niche, since Derek himself is an industry expert selling over $15 million a month in sales alone on his own brands. 

Thanks to his extensive experience in e-commerce, Derek has had the opportunity to perceive some of the most significant weaknesses in high-level brands. The management in the sales process has been one of the most outstanding. That is why he has decided to undertake this project, intended to provide an appropriate and guaranteed solution to online business owners that are looking to scale and get back more of their own time. 

With the launch of VA Relief, in a short time, several brands have had the opportunity to optimize their back end management, increase their revenues, and lower their costs. The clients range from sellers doing $50 thousand dollars a month with their largest seller doing $26 million per month.

Both scenarios have allowed Derek to see business success, but also to grow even more as an e-commerce expert and industry leader. For his path has been loaded with experiences that have allowed him to develop an outstanding reputation on and offline.

Efforts Rewarded With Success

Derek’s path as an entrepreneur did not have easy beginnings, he left college to pursue a career in business. Although he was passionate about the business world since he was a child, working for other companies was not what he had in mind.

Derek had an entrepreneurial spirit and was willing to work hard to achieve his goals of business success. However, failure was present in his first six attempts to run a startup business.

Anyone else in Derek’s place would probably have given up, exhausted by the failures, but in his mind, the opposite was true. Seeing the mistakes as a learning opportunity and drawing the possible lessons from them, he continually focused on starting over.

This determination paid off later. After a process of trial and error and constant testing along the way, Derek achieved a path of success that has so far become unstoppable.

In Constant Evolution

Now, Founder and CEO of multiple companies, Derek is constantly evolving. In addition to being the owner of numerous online businesses, he has served as a college mentor, to encourage, guide, and advise young people who, like him, have the aspiration of having an opportunity in the e-commerce sector.

Derek considers himself a serial entrepreneur because he keeps on the path that offers him constant evolution and the opportunity to grow and invest more and more every day, as an investor and as an entrepreneur. His most recent venture was with his partner and their company Mayfair Global Ventures Corporation. Derek and his partner led a recent $800k seed round investment into the hot startup and gaming company, Gamelancer which is a platform for gamers to make money as freelance gamers for hire, this company is set to explode. 

For Derek, his primary focus has always been to increase business productivity, generate strategies to meet the needs in any aspect of online business, and significantly accelerate sales growth. This is why his virtual assistant company has been so successful in recent months.

Derek says “business expansion is achieved through the delegation of tasks”. This is where he has based the creation of his Virtual Assistant business, which has been very receptive since it constitutes growth and savings for hundreds of companies.

Today, this e-commerce guru remains an icon in the digital environment, thanks to the achievements he has made throughout his career and the skills he has acquired, with which he has helped other companies to succeed.


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