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Women Must Get Married Before They Turn 25… Because Hey, Why Not? 


By Vasundhara Chauhan

Women must get married before they turn 25, because hey why should they not? My mother got married to my father when she was 19. My best friend’s mother got married to her father when she was 20. Was that wrong?

All this was before we were born, before social media, before the ton of social awareness campaigns gave these millennial women all the wrong ideas. 

Those were the time when women had to get married before they turned 20, even if they didn’t want to because… isn’t it obvious? They clearly did not realize the good that society meant for them.

Well now the times have changed and Ewwww!

Now the maximum age of women to get married has been extended to 26-27. Can you imagine that? So much freedom to women! What a time to be alive right?!

But all women must get married before they turn 25 because:

They Have NOTHING Better To Do.

Chanda Kochar

It’s not like they have a company to run like Shubhra Chadda (CEO of Chumbak) , Ekta Kapoor (MD Balaji Telefilms) and many others who have the talent and skills to run a company like a boss and take it to the next level of success.

Inspiring people all around the globe to do something better with their lives and making a statement is a big deal and a woman can’t do it.

Who is Chanda Kochar, Indra Nooyi, Indu Jain anyway?


Talent? What’s That?

Women should restrict themselves to the kitchen and cook food. They have nothing to contribute to the society.

I mean who even knows about Alia Bhatt, Or Deepika Kumari?

Who cares about P.V Sindhu, the first Indian woman to win an Olympic silver medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Or Dipa Karmakar, the first Indian female gymnast ever to compete in the Olympics, and the first Indian gymnast to do so in 52 years?

Yup, Women have no talent, they are good for nothing.


Shaadi karwao, Rape se bachao.

Women should get married early to avoid rape because there is no such thing like marital rape.

It is not considered a rape if your husband does it. Marriage is the ultimate band-aid to everything. Marriage is the ultimate truth of life.

How to avoid rape? Duh! Just get married!


Women Must be Married Before They Turn 25 because Self-exploration is just… BS?

How important is it to know yourself better before you add someone new to your life?

Someone who’s expected to live with you till the end of the time, someone who’s gonna get directly affected by your decisions.

NOT AT ALL, right?!

So what if you’re 25 and you’re still exploring? It’s not even required. Just find a DULHA and get married!


Women and Men Are Not Equals

Get married before 25 because you won’t be fertile forever.

You don’t have to be mentally ready for starting a family because you’re physically ready for it and to be honest, no one really cares what you want.

IVF, surrogacy and other excellent medical procedures are not an option and adoption?

Ram, ram, ram! Na Jane kiska baccha hai?


Aare Baba, Log Kya Kahenge?! 

“Log Kya kahenge” should be announced as the national dialogue for india. It is the reason behind Most of the illogical decisions taken in Indian families.

So, beti get married because log kya kahenge?

Zyada ho gaya kya? Very good. Because the rampant misogyny against women in India is a little bit toooooo much TOO.

It is just sad how rules are still different for men and women when women are as successful and talented as men.

It is impossible to get over the fact that Indian women are still forced emotionally and physically to get married before they turn 25.

There’s a crucial need to understand that everyone is different and everyone evolves at their own pace. So forcing people to get married before they are mentally or physically ready for it is not very smart. You can never expect it to end well.

Consequently, a failed marriage can be the reason for trust issues, depression or low self-confidence.

We need to think about the choices we make and the consequences they can have on someone’s life before we force ourselves or anyone else for that matter.

In the end, just like everything else, I believe that everyone should do it for two things alone: Happiness and Love.

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