The involvement of  Women in North India’s criminal underworld is becoming a significant concern. Investigations reveal that gang leaders are leveraging social media to recruit women fascinated by crime, drawing them into their syndicates.

This trend, emphasized by several recent cases, shows these women playing pivotal roles from honey-trapping to active participation in lethal operations.

The Role of Social Media in Recruitment

Gangsters in North India, including Lawrence Bishnoi and his associates, have been utilizing social media to attract women who are intrigued by the world of crime. These kingpins identify women fascinated with crime and criminals, inducting them into their syndicates. “The kingpins fish for women on social media who are fascinated with crime and criminals and then induct them into the syndicate,” investigators said.

Once recruited, these women are not just accomplices but are assigned multifaceted roles that significantly contribute to the gang’s operations. This strategy has been increasingly adopted, with gang leaders now based abroad, offering the prospect of joining them in foreign countries as a significant incentive.

Women in Active Roles

Women involved with these gangs are no longer limited to passive roles. They are now participating actively in reconnaissance and even executing hits. Recent cases present a disturbing trend.

Anu Dhankad’s involvement in the Burger King shooting, where she honey-trapped the target, Aman Joon, is a prime example. Anu befriended Joon using a fake Instagram profile and facilitated his assassination, remaining calm and composed even after the shooting, as captured on CCTV.

Similarly, Himanshu Bhau, a rival of Bishnoi, has adopted this tactic by employing Anu in his operations. The increasing reliance on women for such critical tasks shows their growing importance in these criminal enterprises.

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High-Profile Cases

Several high-profile cases reveal the extent of women’s involvement in gang activities. 

In March, Chandigarh police arrested Pooja Sharma and her associates, who were planning to assassinate gangster Bhuppi Rana. Disguised as lawyers, they aimed to carry out the hit during Rana’s court appearance.

Pooja, later charged under UAPA, disclosed her admiration for Bishnoi and her romantic connection with his associate, Rohit Godara, who orchestrated the assassination of Karni Sena chief Sukhdev Gogamedi. 

Pooja’s journey into criminality began through a mutual friend and a Signal ID provided by a history-sheeter in Sikar jail, Rajasthan. This connection led to financial support from Godara and instructions for the hit on Rana.

Rohit Godara also befriended Pooja Saini, who played a crucial role in the murder of Sukhdev Gogamedi. Saini provided shelter and logistical support to the shooter before the killing. Anu Dhankad’s story is similarly troubling.

Using a fake Instagram profile, she infiltrated Aman Joon’s life and helped the shooters eliminate him. Her calm demeanour post-assassination, as seen on CCTV, left the cops awestruck.

These cases reveal the evolving and increasingly active roles women are playing in North India’s criminal gangs. Their involvement extends beyond traditional roles, making them critical components in the execution of gang operations.

The involvement of women in North India’s criminal activities represents a significant shift in gang dynamics. Leveraging social media, gang leaders recruit women fascinated by crime, assigning them crucial roles in their operations.

The cases of Anu Dhankad, Pooja Sharma, and Pooja Saini demonstrate this trend, showing how these women are not just accomplices but active participants in planning and executing hits. 

As these gangs continue to evolve, the role of women in their ranks is likely to grow, presenting new challenges for law enforcement.

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