Sergio Ramos, former captain of Real Madrid, finally bid his goodbyes to the club he had spent the past 16 years with.

Having called the club home for the said sixteen years, the time spent has been emotionally dramatic, to say the least. With his charismatic flair for leading his team to glory, his penchant for being able to lead his team to immeasurable heights is the stuff for the legends.

His farewell, although bittersweet, leaves no doubt to one’s mind when it comes to the massive milestones he has helped Real Madrid achieve during his tenure as both player and captain.

With four Champions League titles, five Spanish Liga titles, two Copa del Rey titles, four Spanish Super Cup titles and three UEFA Super Cup titles, secured during his tenure with the Los Blancos alone, he can be termed as one of the greatest of the game if not the greatest.

Hence, as it goes with all great players, the following are a few significant moments from Sergio Ramos’ tenure with the Blancos that made him known as El Capitano- the captain who bled Madrid through and through.

92:48: The Time The World Stood Still 

City rivals Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid had reached the UEFA Champions League finals for the very first time together. The time on the clock had reached the 90-minute mark and the two teams were playing well into the dying minutes.

The tension was pulsating and the competition only heightening for the Blancos’ fans. With barely any hope in sight as the clock drew nearer to the end of the 3 minute injury time, Atletico Madrid conceded a corner kick.

The tension heightened itself by the second, as silence spread across the entire arena and nervous veins were made to quieten themselves down by our hearts. The flared-up tensions finally led to a moment that will be embedded in every Real Madrid fan’s memory for years to come.

Sergio Ramos rose the highest to meet the Modric corner with such finesse as the ball found itself being caressed with brilliance into the back of the net. The match went into extra time as finally, Ramos’ Merengues emerged on top, bagging the 2014 Champions League with a 4-1 victory.

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Spanish Supercup Equaliser: Beginning Of A Trend

It was 2008 when Real Madrid found itself facing Unai Emery’s Valencia squad with David Villa spearheading the attack. They were formidable, to say the least, with Villa ending the 2008 season with an amazing 29 goals for Valencia’s La Liga tally.

Thus, with that team competing against the Real Madrid squad of that time under the leadership of Iker Casillas, the match was destined to be a chartbuster.

The final scoreline barely begins to scratch the surface of the nailbiter the match was. Emery’s Valencia had steered into the clear with a 3-2 lead in the first leg extending it to a 4-2 lead in the second.

The Real Madrid squad was in an exceedingly tight spot with the match closing in on them until Van Nistelrooy steered the ball past Sevilla’s defenses from the penalty box. S

Sergio Ramos then went on to steer the all-important equalizer into the back of the net, making Real Madrid equalize for the very first time with Valencia’s scoreline. Real Madrid went on to secure a 6-5 victory over the Catalan giants, winning another silverware in the fray. 

UCL Semifinals: The Bane Of München 

Stating that the journey to 2014’s Champions League finals was eventful, would be an understatement on a magnanimous scale. With thumping victories over Schalke in the Round of 16 and Borussia Dortmund in the Quarter Finals, they were faced with their greatest threat up till then.

Bayern Munich, the giants of Bavaria and Germany, have thumped the peak Barcelona team out of the park with a massive 7-0 victory in aggregate. Yet, the way the script unfolded was amazing. Fantasies could indeed come true.

Everyone played at the top of their game with Ramos playing the best game ever played in European top-flight as dubbed by many. Real Madrid was a different kind of a beast through the course of both the legs as Ramos spearheaded the attack, scoring the first two goals for the Blancos with amazing venom.

It has not been stated enough as to how effective and complete Ramos is as a footballer, who scores with the same lethality as he defends. With Real Madrid winning with an aggregate of 5-0, Ramos’ masterclass coupled with Ronaldo’s finds shelter during the course of this matchup itself.

A Hattrick Of Consecutive UCLs

With Real Madrid defeating Juventus in 2017, the world stood with bated breath and could scarcely believe when they picked up the title for the second time in a row. The champagne rose and kissed the skies as it flowed with ethereal glee, however, little did the squad know that they were only starting out.

Cut to 2018, Real Madrid pulled off the unthinkable. Defeating the formidable Liverpool side with a thumping 3-1 scoreline, the impossible had been made possible. Real Madrid became the first side in the last two decades to complete a hattrick of UCLs.

The man behind the strategic prowess of Real Madrid and their leader, Sergio Ramos, became the only captain to win three UCLs in a row. His magnificence during the season was divine and his presence a blessing in exaction.

As I sit here writing this article, my mind wanders off to a picture I had seen of Ramos covered in the light of a halo and his image being juxtaposed with Jesus’.

The parallels couldn’t hit the nail any better on the head as, like Jesus, Ramos was also the guiding light for the Madrid side. Guiding the side to eminence and glory, while shielding Madrid from any sign of shame (or goals). 

Wherever you go from here, Sergio, you will always be El Capitano for me.

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Sources: UEFA, Goal, Bleacher Report, Give Me Sport

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