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Will you be my love after valentines ?


By Sonali Wadhwa

Hey guys ! So finally got over with the expensive lovely week of romance or is love still in the air ?

Yeah I am talking about the pre-valentine week !

The week whose each day is meant to be celebrated whole heartedly or I should say true heartedly !! Didn’t get me ? Well, a little later you will !

But let me ask you something. How many of you are still together ?

And how many got apart ?

Hope now you got my question.

Whether we believe it or not but love has actually lost its essence in the market of showoff and pomp of romance ! The true meaning of love is actually eroding away while people are pretending to realize its value every now and then.

Relationship statuses, fake commitments, temporary infatuations, trendy partners, tashan of being a person’s someone special ! All  these modern day crazy attractive tags force our heart to instill a type of chemical in our minds that actually makes us believe that we too have found our soul mate just as our peers and that very feeling as a result of that chemical locha is known as “Love”.

But is it really love ? And most importantly what is love ?

Never thought about it. Right ?

But always thinking to have a person beside you to accompany you while you are staring at other couples raising their romance level high in the love season of the year ?

Starting with a lovely red rose and ending up with a commitment gift at the Valentine’s Day, is it all that you prayed for ?

Well then, you know what. You need to grow up !

Let’s us give a thought to what love has in its core in the modern times.

  • Having a crush on someone.
  • Setting a pretty curve on your face whenever your eyes met by chance.
  • Starting by asking names and exchanging numbers.
  • Requesting and accepting friend request on social networking sites
  • Chatting all day long and spending nights while planning for an unplanned future.
  • Waiting for the birthdays and valentines to celebrate the so-called love relationship and emptying pockets on not-so-useful crap.
  • And finally not being able to understand each other completely and due to lack of compatibility making the decision to meet “Break k Baad”.

And that’s all for the year’s love session !

Why are we selling our conscience and true feelings just to buy someone’s attention just for one day ?

“Love is in the air “

Yeah true ! Bonds are weakening, feelings are fading and love is just actually floating in the air, very far away from our hearts !

Relationships are confined to the one click of our status which suddenly changes many lives and love shifts just in one night to the person you met online and shared eight hours of that night displaying all your superficial feelings and nature just to hear a line “I Like you !” ?

Sharing your best photos and “selfies”, exploiting the photo edit softwares, wasting zillions of your important minutes just to impress a person on the other side who might not be even worthy of your single minute of attention.

Love has evolved a lot since years but for the bad !

Why is it so important to find love in your opposite sex ? When there is love around you everywhere !!

A small kid trying to hold your finger, isn’t that most adorable touch of love ?

Helping an old person who is completely a stranger to you, and in lieu of that getting plenty of sweet blessings which actually makes up your day, isn’t that love ?

Listening to a song for the first time, and falling in love with its music and lyrics, isn’t that admiration for the piece of art a form of love ?

Feeling low at a point of time in your life and getting a hug from your mother which sets it all right, fall in love with that unconditional love !!

Making blunders and mess out of your life but after a bit of scolding, your father coming to you and saying “I am with you”, isn’t that love the best feeling ever ?

Yes guys, there is love all around you and the only effort you need to make is to realize its presence !!

And now coming back to our very dear Love Day ( 14th February), the occasion certified to celebrate your love. But why to limit the celebration to just one day when you have 365 days to express your unbounded love! Celebrating a true Valentine’s Day is when for your wife or husband , the pocket doesn’t allow you to spend but your heart urges your mind to express your love and despite of your brain being tired of the hardships you went through all day long, still managing to buy a small piece of chocolate while returning home just to say “Here’s my sweet little love, Happy Valentine’s Day “.

That small piece of love sweetly wrapped in affection sums up all the love of the day.

Go for someone who doesn’t wait for the valentine’s day to make you feel special ! Go for someone who remains by your side even after the mere love season is over and he has nobody to prove to that you are his love.

Love is a very unique feeling, indeed a very strong form of energy which can neither be created nor be destroyed :P and can just be transformed from one form to another : love for yourself-mother’s love-father’s love-brother’s love-sister’s love-friends’ love-spouse’s love-and love for the almighty !!

Understand the love formula and share it with everybody around yourself.

The Love Formula ?

Yes, the secret to a successful Valentine’s Day !

Instill the five elements of love- Understanding, Care, Cooperation ,Trust and Loyalty, in your hearts and love will eventually reside in it forever !!



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