After the ban of the shopping platform Shein, shopaholics went crazy hunting for alternatives as Shein’s absolutely had it all. Be it quirky tees and cute little crop tops or amazing dresses. They were not even behind when it came to phone covers and jewelry. 

Deleting the app from their phones did hurt more than a breakup. People were looking for retail therapy, and that’s when a number of shopping websites took this as an opportunity and came to the rescue to fill up the empty space left by Shein. 

Now with Shein’s relaunch, all these sites need to either change or improve their marketing strategies if they still want to remain in the limelight and not get sidetracked. 

Few of the popular sites being: 

Lulu & Sky 

This being a fairly new label (launched in 2016) has still managed to create a great impact with its high street fashion. It has trendy wear at excellent prices, making everything for everyone.

They have paid great attention to the packaging of the products and delivery, while also focusing on post-delivery feedback of the brand and product. There is hype for the launch of their new elegant bag collection, people just cannot wait to get their hands on it.

Bag Collection From Lulu And Sky

They need to bring out their personal sass and eye for understanding the consumer’s needs and sensibilities. All they need to do is improve their reach to stand out from the market to attract more customers. 


This web store has won the hearts and souls of shopaholics. They have an insane range of vibrant dresses and tops and thus have you covered from head to toe (quite literally!).

With their collection of chic heels to funky sneakers, from floral print dresses ideal for Saturday lunch to sequined numbers perfect for those Sunday night parties, what more could you want?


Urbanic has a whole different category for ‘Plus Sized’ women. They have basically got everyone covered. Just one little issue they have is with their deliveries.

It takes weeks for a product to be delivered and checking up on the order every day can leave a person a little irritated. Delivery time does matter in the marketing field, especially in a competitive one such as the e-commerce scene.

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The Souled Store

What is loved most about The Souled Store is its collection of graphic tees and dresses.  And they do not just stop there. They have a whole range of phone covers, backpacks, theme-based badges, notebooks, stickers, and even posters to choose from. 

For people who love to express themselves through their favorite movie or show and OOTDs, The Souled Store is their first and final stop. It caters to the pop culture crazy youngsters, looking for comfortable and trending brands at affordable prices. 

The Souled Store for animated Merchandise

This store does not really believe in discounts, which kind of is a drawback as other sites are over the top with offers and discounts. They need to figure out a way to keep customers, and without discounts, a person will buy just one or maybe two products and will think twice before shopping again. 

Lime Road 

This has been in the e-commerce fashion industry for a pretty long time now. This brand has changed and evolved a lot in the past years.

They have included a large variety of clothing, brands, and styles recently. They basically focus more on ethics and down-to-earth styles, not too loud patterns and soothing colors. 

Lime Road

There are a few bad experiences attached to this site. Products have not always been up to the mark, and thus gaining the trust of their customer’s back is the main goal of their marketing strategy now. Making their users feel that their products are genuine and up to proper standards is what needs to be done.

Ewa Young

This is one of the most highly rated sites when it comes to customer satisfaction under product quality. It has trendy styles and designs, they specialize in crop tops and even offer bottoms too.

They are just limited to clothes and need to expand their range of products, as well as variety, and not just stick to crop tops. 

Crop Tops from Ewa Young

These were just a few sites that have had a huge impact on online shopping and have been changing their brand and products to fulfill the needs of their customers, they need to keep up with the generation to remain in the competition.

The excitement for the Shein relaunch is of course still there, but let’s not forget these amazing sites. 

Happy Shopping!!

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