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Why You Shouldn’t Argue With Someone From Banaras Over Politics


By Arpita Singh

Banaras remains important for the spiritual and cultural heritage but what made news in recent times is the wave of politics wavering at its highest.

Banaras, The Political hub:

The city holds the utmost political importance as Prime Minister Narendra Modi chose Banaras as his constituency for contesting 2014 Lok Sabha elections. What makes Banaras the political hub? The Hindu majority in the city attracts political parties to lure the voters in the region. Political parties put their sweat and blood to claim the city. Banaras being one of the most prominent and influential cities of Uttar Pradesh, the results symbolizes the mood of the masses.

This year it remains important as  Narendra Modi is the MP from this constituency for almost 3 years, anti-incumbency may play as an important factor and the demonetization effect will also be judged on the basis of these polls. At the same time, for SP and BSP it is important to not to give up on the city to someone not hailing from Banaras.

Rallies and road shows are very popular there, Samajwadi- congress alliance had a roadshow on the same day as of Narendra Modi’s followed by visits to temples like Kashi Vishvanath by both entities. Both the wings witnessed huge masses and it was a war of roadshows back then. It seemed so that everything is colored in politics- every gali, every chauraha and every single person on the road and on the roofs of their houses.

People in Banaras never shy away from politics and discuss the ongoing political scenario in the day to day life.

Winning a  Banarasi over ‘baat’?

Vaad vivaad is always welcomed in Banaras but you can never win over a Banarasi “agar vo apne pe aa jae”. Students actively participate in educational, political and social agendas keeping the roots of Banaras intact by consistently providing their views on different matters.

But why? “Kyun ki Banaras ka rang hi alag hain…”

It’s all desi here, sitting on the pavements of ghaats gives such a relief. There is something very different about the city which attracts people. Politics work in Banaras because people share a feeling of solidarity with the city. Your quest to travel around the world is a waste if you don’t visit Banaras. The city has every color of life and emotions. It’s a fortune to witness its marvelousness.

The city is well known for it’s cultural and spiritual prosperity but what makes it so special is its people and their affection with it. Jo Banaras jata h vo banarasi ka ho jata hai… if you go there you become a part of it because it offers you love and tranquillity of the Ganga, it makes you fall in love with itself and with famous “paan, lassi, ghaats” and every other thing that belongs to the city. The city has developed through ages and with modern times but has never forgotten its roots.

Banaras is a hub of beliefs from ages but it has emerged as one of the most important political cities attracting the political parties and people from across the country. Banaras has the richness of young blood actively participating in the festival of democracy.

Even the political figures witness the highest number of people taking part in the rallies and road shows. Culture and power are two important aspects of the city which goes hand in hand. The powerful adapt this culture to become a banarasi to be accepted by the people.

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