The Local Train is a band that started over a decade ago in 2008 and it has been consistently releasing songs that would end up being your favourite in the playlist in no time. 

Ramit Mehra, Sahil Sarin, Raman Negi and Paras Thakur are the core members and the band has seen tough days but remains stronger than ever even after their lead vocalist left the band in April 2022. They debuted with their first album ‘Aalas Ke Pedh’ released in 2015.

You have probably come across a song in your life that made a huge impression on you and every time it played at parties and concerts, your heart would skip a beat and the whole world would fade into the background. 

What’s really different about “Choo Lo” that sets it leagues apart from other songs by the band?

The song brings a new kind of catharsis to all the lovelorn romantics out there and gives them lyrics to resonate with on a deeper level than your usual upbeat tunes.

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If it’s not obvious already, literally every indie music lover obsessed over Choo Lo at some point and replayed it to absorb the youthful feeling of romance with an uncanny aftertaste of heartbreak in it. 

And in case you were under a rock and didn’t hear it yet, it’s never too late to give yourself the treat to their world of heartbreak, romance and bittersweet anticipation of love. 

The Local Train is very much like the home-grown music band that didn’t choose to make music for commercial gains and appealed to audiences that were indeed local. 

They didn’t subscribe to the definition of loud party music that could be Bollywood blockbusters and discovered their own style. You could have a bad day and yet the lovelorn lyrics of Choo Lo will never disappoint you by remedying your heart instantly. 

Other songs by the band “Aaoge Tum Kabhi” and “Kaise Jiyun” are equally popular for indie lovers of Indian music.

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