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Why Tech Entrepreneur James Blake Believes Digital Will Be Essential For Business Survival Post 2020


Every so often we come across an entrepreneur of which their DNA just seems to align perfectly with the core elements of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

One of these is James Blake.

James Blake from Belfast, Northern Ireland has become well known in his country, the UK and further afield for his relentless pursuit of success within the online marketing industry.

James is the founder of multiple successful businesses and at the age of only 27 has overcome many barriers already to achieve what he has.

James launched Vindicta Digital in 2016 after spending 5-6 years working within different Google Premier Partners and Online Marketing firms. Using these companies as learning curves and stepping stones James paved the path for his ultimate creation.  A digital marketing company that believes in Domination, not competing.

4 Years later, Vindicta has established itself as a power house in the digital marketing world and boasts clients around the globe with £48M in online revenues having been generated for clients in 2020 alone. James is also a member of The Forbes Agency Council, recognised for excellent business acumen. The only member from his country and one of the youngest within Forbes as a whole.

James has also founded multiple other successful businesses and brands within the digital, tech and online sectors. Including electric scooter retailer start up E Pro Glide which was born within the global pandemic and is already a roaring success.

He explains why he believes that Digital Will Be Essential For Business Survival Post 2020.

Businesses that have failed to embrace and adapt to digital over the last few years are the ones that seem to be majorly impacted by the shift in culture and behaviours due to the pandemic the resulting explosive growth of the use of online services.

I remain positive for the most part.

I’m not under any illusion, I understand that the coronavirus outbreak has indeed impacted many businesses and undoubtedly has changed life as we know it.  However I predict that 2021 will bring about incredible growth for many sectors that have been prepared for a shift in digitised behaviour.

This doesn’t mean that businesses that haven’t adapted or prepared will be counted out – there is still time to adapt, but I do believe that window is getting smaller each day.

As a general rule of thumb digital marketing costs right now, especially paid media are most likely at the lowest point they will ever be.

As more businesses begin to adapt with paid media such as Google ads, Facebook ads, Google Shopping, Display campaigns and even SEO campaigns the cost per click will naturally increase.  This of course means less bang for your buck. It means higher management fee charges as per the market and it also means less exposure due to the ever increasing noise.

We can safely speculate that the NEED for expert level digital marketing will continue to grow, develop, and gain traction over the next few months and I believe this will happen quite rapidly.

We are already sharpening our tools and preparing for our most manic year yet.  Our expansion has been incredible over the last year and it will be the same next.

I am deeply passionate about the power of digital.  We have brought on clients with no online presence and brought them to a millions of pounds in turnover – all via their website in 12 months.  I believe by avoiding the glaringly obvious advantages to embracing digital – by not adapting – the possible outcomes are all very negative ones.  In fact they could be disastrous.

Our ethos this year has been around domination whilst others have focused on negatives.  As a team we are looking forward to an incredibly prosperous 2021 for all of our clients and our own expansion too.

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