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How Dr. Kambiz Sadraei Founded and Scaled Divine Dental Spa into a Leading Brand


Visiting a dentist is something that people will often try to avoid; how then does a dental practitioner create a successful practice from the kernel of a feared necessity? Dr. Kambiz Sadraei seems to have the blueprint. Dr. Sadraei is the CEO and Founder of the Divine Dental Spa which serves the community of El Paso, Texas.

 Dr. Sadraei founded the Divine Dental Spa in June 2017 and, in doing so, brought a kind of dental innovation to El Paso that it had never seen before. Originally a native of Los Angeles, California, and trained in dental medicine in Michigan, Dr. Kambiz Sadraei eventually brought his dental expertise to Texas. What began as a single dental practice has now expanded to two clinics within El Paso, both of which maintain the high standards expected from the Divine Dental Spa brand. It is a brand that has grown in popularity and has been able to scale its business model due to the innovation of the treatments it offers. Divine Dental Spa offers general, orthodontic, and cosmetic dentistry, but apart from these standard dental services, Dr. Sadraei performs treatments that cannot be accessed elsewhere in North America. Dr. Sadraei offers Buccal Fat Pad Reduction, a currently trending cosmetic procedure that helps patients achieve a chiseled look. Another cutting-edge innovation offered at Divine Dental Spa is the use of CAD/CAM technology. CAD/CAM stands for camera-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing. It allows for the fast creation of dental prostheses and helps to streamline other previously out-sourced treatments. When addressing what he feels sets the Divine Dental Spa apart from other brands, Dr. Sadraei says, “I feel that we deliver new technologies and digital innovations with a personal touch that makes all of our patients feel welcome.”

Dr. Sadraei has gained a public following in El Paso through his altruism and open nature; he offers services free of charge to cancer patients and those in cancer recovery. His honesty and transparency are evident in his presence on social media. With 100,000 followers on Instagram and a popular YouTube channel, Dr. Sadraei lifts any stigma of fear around dental procedures.

Thanks to its innovation and popularity, The Divine Dental Spa will continue to rise in popularity in times to come.

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