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Why Online Casinos Are So Popular Among India’s Youth


Online casinos are on the rise in India, and a major reason for this growth is the country’s massive youth population.

According to a recent report, India has the largest population of young people in the world, with about 600 million inhabitants aged 25 or below. Going by these figures, about half of the populace are not more than 25 years old. India’s young population is far bigger than the entire population of most countries on the planet!

This young population, combined with an ever-expanding middle class, has become a major catalyst for the economic growth currently being experienced in the country. It is projected that by 2030, 500 million Indians would have moved into the middle and high income bracket.

It is therefore not surprising that many global businesses are investing heavily in India, aiming to reap from the huge potentials in the country. Online casinos are very much part of this party.

These casinos and India’s young population form a match made in heaven.

According to the online casino comparison site, almost 75% of their visitors are between the ages of 18 and 34, so there is clearly a big volume of young people who are interested in online casinos in India.

It is very easy to see why these sites greatly appeal to India’s youth. Young people are techy, adventurous and ambitious, and casinos give them all of these, plus a lot more.

A lot of casinos now come in wonderfully aesthetic designs and themes, satisfying the tech cravings of their young audience. The games are modern, attractive and constantly updated, ensuring that customers never get bored in their casino adventures.

Gone are the days when casinos were just about roulette and blackjack; most of them now have great diversity in their catalogue. An average online casino boasts thousands of video slots, table games, poker and even Indian casino games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti. These games come with high quality graphics and sound effects, just like the popular video games!

Generally, young people are restless. Hardly will you find an Under-25 who stays in one particular spot for too long. They are always on the move; going to hang out with friends, heading to school or engaging in some other activities. By creating great mobile sites, online casinos have become key companions to India’s vibrant population.

Almost all casinos are optimized for mobile devices, be it via a mobile app or a mobile site. This makes it possible for customers to enjoy casino games anywhere and at any time of the day. So, whether you are on a bus or waiting anxiously for a job interview, you can always whip out that smartphone or tablet and calm the nerves by playing your favourite casino games.

The chemistry between India’s young population and online casinos is further enhanced by the opportunity to make money from casino games. The winning rate is not great, but the fact that there is a chance is good enough for India’s ambitious youth and middle class. After all, playing casino games is not expensive. Having said that, it is important that you gamble responsibly and don’t fall foul of addiction.

One benefit of casinos that is often overlooked is the positive effect it has on the mind. India only allows games of skill (and not games of chance), some of which demand critical thinking and concentration. When young people get involved in these games, it helps sharpen their minds and abilities to make right decisions under pressure.

Online casinos and India’s young population have become great friends, and that relationship is only going to get stronger in the coming years.

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