We at ED Times don’t have fixed working hours. We keep talking and discussing round the clock to write the wonderful articles our readers enjoy reading. And this obviously means we have a WhatsApp group. Well, we have a Signal group as well now. 

Yes, we tried moving our daily operations to the new app after WhatsApp dropped a privacy bomb which scared half the world into moving to Signal. But we switched back to WhatsApp today. Here’s why we did that despite all the privacy concerns.

Feels Very New

As a user experience designer, I know the importance of user-friendliness of an app. Signal feels quite new since we’ve been using WhatsApp for too long now. 

It uses too many colours for different people in a group. Some options like attach file or image are at new places and feel very different to use.

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Technical Difficulties 

Our team head complained about having to install the application all over again each time she switched on her PC. The desktop version does not work well at all. 

Sometimes, we didn’t receive notifications. And if we receive notifications on the mobile app, the desktop app does not give the same notifications. It stays silent and hence we miss out on important messages.

Some of us were unable to search for a person on the app, even though they had installed it. We cannot see who is online and who isn’t. Sometimes that helps in work.

Links cannot be forwarded to other groups and screenshots cannot be taken until allowed in the group settings. These features are used on a daily basis in our work. 

Hampers Overall Productivity

WhatsApp Web is seamless and easy to use while working on a PC, and no notification is ever missed if you don’t like checking your phone too often. This helps a lot to communicate with teams without video conferencing with everyone for hours every day.

The desktop version of Signal would rank very low in user-friendliness and ease of access. I linked my mobile to the desktop application and yet, it didn’t show any of my contacts. 

Now, everyone out there may not be facing similar issues. But Signal does have a long way to go in terms of taking over WhatsApp and being its replacement, even if they offer better privacy features. Hence, we switched back. 

Share your experience or your team’s experience with Signal in the comments below!

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