Taking a flight anywhere is a whole experience in itself. During the entirety of it, there are several questions and doubts that arise, such as why something is being done in a certain way, what items are allowed on board, why certain items are not allowed and more.

Among all these question, one that has arisen several times is that of the high percentage of female cabin crews in airlines as compared to males.

If one starts to notice you see that the number of female cabin crew on a certain flight is almost more or at the least equal to the number of male cabin crew. One of the most commonly stated reasons for this is the beauty factor and that the female cabin crew are more attractive than the male crew members.

But that might not be the only reason and there might be a bigger thought behind having more female crew members than males in an airline.

Why More Female Cabin Crew Than Males?

Of course, one cannot deny that the airline industry does have a lot of sexism in it, and that is apparent from the very requirements for any cabin crew of an airline. The women have to be of a certain height, weight, they have to keep themselves groomed properly, apply makeup (in certain airlines it is specified also exactly what colour and type of makeup is to be worn) and more.

These rules show how much emphasis is put on physical appearance rather than how well a person knows the industry and the work that is to be done. But beyond that one reason often cited by sources is that women are actually lighter as compared to males.

As per some posts, online the high number of female cabin crew is due to the fact that women weigh less than men, that in turn results in the plane overall being lighter and consuming less fuel.

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Airline Cabin Crew Female

Some other reasons for having more female cabin crew is the belief that people are more prone to listen to a woman than a man, this could be helpful during the safety instructions that cabin crew give at the start of the flight.

In that scenario, one would want the passengers to give better attention to what is being said so that in case of an emergency they’d know what to do.

Another reason given for this phenomenon is that women are said to have better management skills than men and also take instructions better, making their training easier.

There are also certain airlines that have an all-female cabin crew specifically for these reasons. The weight reason is often used for airlines like Indigo, that saves on fuel with an all-female crew and is thus able to operate higher number of flights in a day resulting in more revenue being earned

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