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 Why Kharen Hill is a Cut Above the Rest



Widely recognized for her entertainment and music advertising photography, Kharen Hill makes fitting creative choices, selecting original locations and utilizing novel visual themes. Her work is renowned for her use of color and her ability to find the graphic, eye-catching elements in any situation. Kharen loves to exceed the expectations of her clients’ creative.

She is known for her easy way with her subjects and her years of experience in the world of movie sets, celebrities, musicians and world travel. This places her within a select group of photographers who can be spontaneously creative while maximizing shots under the most challenging safety constraints, travel, deadlines and creative briefs.  Additionally, her experience directing actors for motion and still means her subjects can feel safe, comfortable and able to portray their characters or themselves on her sets. 

Her production team’s experience producing photo shoots and motion pictures compliments Kharen’s ability to shoot and direct any type of photo shoot or advertising campaign worldwide in studio or on location. Kharen and her crew are experts in working stand alone or in tandem with motion crews to execute advertising campaigns and editorial shoots: adding Kharen’s innovative lighting concepts in standalone sets, executing client lead creative or supplementing existing production elements. Kharen is an IATSE 669 member across Canada with a background in onset photography and photo journalism which allows for her to work with a small footprint on set as required.

Hill is an award-winning photographer for her celebrity portraiture in both PDN and Applied Arts magazines. Her advertising series documenting spinal cord injury in teens, which took her to emergency and rehab areas documenting these injuries for a North American campaign for prevention was awarded nationally in the US.

Born in New Zealand and a Canadian citizen and US resident of California, Kharen travels the world on assignment with offices and production companies in Los Angeles and Vancouver. 

Kharen Hill works through her production company, Public Pictures. 

Kharen’s Fine Art photography is receiving acclaim around the world and is in collections in Canada, USA, and Europe. Kharen’s ongoing “Out The Window” series is her opportunity to show the world in found moments that are uncontrived. “I see ‘Out The Window’ as uniting the global daily common experience, and a chance to photograph the extraordinary in the ordinary”. “Out The Window” opens discussions on unification, demystification and reflects on the world and the everyday culture that unites the human experience. Ultimately, this work is about experiencing daily life, and living in and for the moment.

Kharen had her first solo show in West LA in June of 2014. “Out the Window – 5 days in Kenya.” Partnering with the musicians and humanitarians, the band ‘Jars of Clay’ and their non-profit organization “Blood Water Mission” out of Nashville, she donates back a percentage of the image proceeds to support their non-profit work in Africa.

Kharen is regularly invited to talk as a guest speaker at post-secondary photography programs and works ongoing to mentor student photographers in her workplace. Kharen is part of the mentorship program of the Los Angeles Centre of Photography.

She is currently working on “The Space Between Us” series.

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