Today, Dispatch, a Korean news site that delivers the fastest breaking news, gossip, and more information about all the Korean celebrities, reported that K-pop stars BlackPink’s Jennie and Big Bang’s G-Dragon have been in a relationship for almost a year.

The report added that the two have been meeting in secret, and they often had their dates at home.

It’s the second month of this year, and Dispatch has revealed another couple after reporting that the hit Korean drama, Crash Landing on You’s main leads, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin, were dating. 

The picture that Dispatch posted

Their management agency YG Entertainment says, “We cannot confirm anything about our artists’ personal lives. We ask for your understanding.”

Is YG Being Cautious This Time?

After the whole Kai and Jennie debacle, YG is delaying in releasing a statement denying or confirming the news. Two years back when Dispatch reported that Jennie and EXO’s Kai were in a relationship, many fans supported it, but some got really mad about it. Unfortunately, they broke up after a few days. 

YG’s image had a downfall in 2019 and 2020 because of the Burning Sun scandal that involved Big Bang’s member Seungri and other YG artists.

This year the company was trying to stay out of any scandal to improve its image. The stock price of the K-pop company hit a major low in 2019 due to these scandals.

Burning Sun scandal

Fans React

As for now, many fans are sending their congratulations to Jennie and G-Dragon. Some of their obsessive fans are trying to spread hate and are absolutely against them dating. Fans are showering both the artists with love and are supporting their relationship. 

Since many K-pop idols are not allowed to date or don’t date publicly, this news shocked many fans. Everyone knows that GD and Jennie were good friends and had a Mentor-Mentee kind of relationship.

Here is how fans are reacting-

Fans making memes out of the pictures Dispatch posted. Twitter
Memes fans are making. Twitter
Fans showing love and support to Jennie. Twitter

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Jennie-Kai and Dara-GD shippers are sad. Twitter
The fans of the K-pop group Big Bang are called VIP

Problem With Dispatch

Many fans are unhappy that Dispatch doesn’t care about any idol’s privacy and follows them everywhere. Dispatch calls itself an entertainment website, but it is nothing more than a company that stalks celebrities.

The western music industry is quite open when it comes to dating. When such news is released, people don’t spread hate against the person. But the rules are very different for K-Pop artists. They are often frowned upon for dating openly.

Dispatch reports on the private and unseen life of South Korean celebrities by posting their photos. Many pictures are taken secretly without the consent of the artist.

According to some news sites, Dispatch revealed their relationship because it was trying to hide the bullying scandals of Korean athletes and a few government scandals by diverting the attention of the public to the dating news of Jennie and GD.

Speculations made by fans. Twitter
Source: Kdramanotes_

In the recent bullying scandals surrounding K-pop idols, many famous ones such as Seventeen’s Mingyu, (G)I-DLE’s Soojin, Stray Kid’s Hyunjin, Loona’s Chu, and Monsta X’s Kihyun were accused of being bullies in school. All the allegations were denied by the artist’s respective companies.

However, the victims who accused actress Park Hye Su of bullying said that the company is lying and they are ready to take legal action against them.

To be honest, all this could be done by Dispatch because when they revealed their New-Years couple, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin, they didn’t get much attention and people already knew about the news. They all wholeheartedly supported the news and sent love to the couple.

Problem With The Korean Entertainment Industry 

The industry markets the artists as objects over whom their fans have the final say. Most fans believe that they have real romantic feelings for the artists, and they fantasize about them more than a fan should. These companies force their artists to have fake personalities. 

Obsessive fans that are also known as Sasaengs, can do anything to get the artist’s attention. They even try to invade their private lives to know whether the artist is dating or not. The problem is that this is very common in Korea, and their company doesn’t do anything to protect their artists.

Lastly, we request every fan out there to send love and support to both the artists and respect their privacy.

Image Credits: Google Images, Twitter

Sources: Republic World, Soompi, Dispatch

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