Courts are the place where people go in search of justice. The clients are mostly so worried or aggrieved that they get agitated soon and in turn frustrate their attorneys easily. It is an universal truth in the field of law, be it in any big law firm or the chamber of a small lawyer. It is commendable how these lawyers don’t lose their sanity.

Same stands true for the judges of these courts. The heavy burden of cases and the responsibility of imparting justice can cause great pressure.

After all these things, when someone is already frustrated, another member of the same fraternity comes up to him to demand money and threatens to impose allegations on him if he refuses to pay.

How would he feel? Of course super angry!

This is what was happening for some time now in the Delhi High Court.

Seema Sapra, an advocate, can be found in the High Court premises many times distributing pamphlets to people levelling allegations on members of the bar, talking to people on how she is being poisoned and even at times, asking people for money and threatening them when they refuse to give it.

According to a recent notice by the Delhi High Court Bar Association’s Executive Committee, Ms. Sapra is now barred from entering the Delhi High Court premises which are meant exclusively for the use of the members of the association. It includes car parking, cafeteria, library, consultation room, executive center and bar rooms.

Who Is Advocate Seema Sapra

Advocate Seema Sapra is a homeless, self-proclaimed whistleblower and a #MeToo survivor (refer to her Twitter bio).

She enrolled in the bar in 1995 and since then has levelled various allegations against advocates and judges, which were ultimately found to be baseless.

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She claims to have survived a sexual assault by Soli Sorabjee and Raian Karanjawala and for the same she filed a writ petition before the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

She had alleged that General Electric and its agents were trying to poison her and had claimed that Judge Vibhu Bakru is involved in corruption. For the same, the court had imposed a fine of Rs. 2000 and an imprisonment of 1 month on her, calling her allegations unsubstantiated statements.

What Has DHCBA Decided

In a meeting of the Executive Committee of DHCBA held on July 19, it was decided that Ms. Sapra is a constant source of annoyance to her fellow lawyers and her attitude towards the fraternity members is degrading, disgraceful and is spoiling the environment of the court.

Her allegations are not only restricted to the members of the Association and judges but also the staff members of the court canteen and cleaners, which is a matter of great concern.

Her allegations are not only verbal but at several instances, she has also resorted to sending emails calling out people or levelling unsubstantiated allegations of all sorts.

Even her Twitter account is filled with all kinds of frivolous allegations.

An article on the same matter was published where she mentioned in the comments that DHCBA is ganging up against her and she would soon take action against them.

God knows how true her assumptions are and whether all this is some sort of circus.

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Source: Legally India, Bar & Bench, Solisorabjeealert

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