We are amidst the coronavirus dread, doomed economy, financial crisis, food scarcity, and many more problems.  And the Tamil Nadu government decides to give renaming a priority over everything.

Recently, the Tamil Nadu government has changed the names of 1018 places. 

The main motive behind this decision was to add Tamil essence in the English names of the states and cities. 

Like, Mylapore has now become “Mayilaappoor”; not much has changed in the pronunciation, only the alphabets have doubled, and a history student’s nightmare has come true.

Many of the old names were minted by the British, while some were derived from Sanskrit. 

District collectors of Tamil Nadu suggested the anglicised names that need to be changed, and a high-level expert committee worked to give these anglicised names a Tamil makeover.

You can see all the names here.

Downsides Of Renaming

Why now? It is the biggest question as well as the main downside.

When the Tamil Nadu government released the names, people started trolling their decision through memes and tweets. 



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Why is the renaming being done in the COVID crisis? We have a pandemic to deal with, and the most important thing we need today is resources. Changing a thousand names in government records will be expensive.

Changing spellings on public transports, signboards, registration documents will cost money, which, if put in the right places, can make a world of a difference.

Another downside of this renaming will be the confusion, especially for non-native people and tourists.

Government’s Response To The Criticism

People have criticized some spellings for not matching their Tamil phonetics as Vellore has changed to Veeloor. To this, the Minister has said that such names will be changed, as Vellore will now be called Veloor.

The Tamil language minister, who is behind this renaming, has said- “Only the spelling change of popular and significant places would be taken up for now. Rest would be left to various local bodies and departments and they can take it up at their own pace“.

Though the renaming is a big step in washing off old British imprints on our nation, the timing is odd. The government should focus more on better control of the situation at hand, and prioritising the COVID crisis to eliminate coronavirus sooner.

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