Final year students have been facing months of turmoil regarding one of the most important exams of a student who is pursuing a Bachelors degree.

The UGC has been constantly issuing notices regarding the various modes of conducting exams, with the final blow being delivered by the Minister of Home Affairs making final year exams compulsory, earlier this week.

The mock exams that the Delhi University conducted were a complete disaster, with students being unable to access the bare minimum necessity for an exam – the correct question papers.

After being exposed to such a strenuous and frustrating experience, students across all the colleges lashed out at the incompetence and insensitivity with which the authorities have been handling the situation.

Students are stressed about what to do with regards to their examination

However, the Delhi Government, after realizing the extent to which the future of these students has been ridiculed and meddled with, finally decided to cancel all examinations for the final year students as well.

Unfortunately, not every story has a fairy tale ending. In fact, what the students from Indraprastha University have been facing is nothing less than a nightmare.

The final year students of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU) have been notified at the eleventh hour regarding their viva exams.

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What Is The Muddle About?

The Delhi Government issued a notice that declared the cancellation of exams for all the final year students in state universities.

These students would thus be marked on the basis of their previous academic performance or the colleges will come up with a different system of grading for their respective students.

Manish Sisodia, the Deputy CM of New Delhi even said, “No point taking exam of a semester that has not been taught.” As the students of state universities welcomed this step, the fate of IPU students didn’t change for the better.

Manish Sisodia tweeted about the incorporation of the new guidelines for the exams

While Delhi University doesn’t fall under the state government and hence hasn’t canceled their exams yet, IPU is a state university which falls under the administration of the Delhi Government itself.

Despite the new guidelines having been announced, the university has declared that all internal assessment marks are to be submitted to the authorities by the 15th of this month. And to ensure the same, colleges decided to conduct viva exams for their students.

Not many were aware of the fact that the viva exam, which holds a total of 100 marks, was a part of the internal assessments.

In what seems to be just a click of a finger, a majority of their final year performance suddenly seems to be depending on these exams. And to top it all, they announced its execution just a day before, thus leaving the students in an utterly helpless situation.

It is extremely unfortunate to witness how the authorities have been completely working according to their own whims and conveniences, overlooking and neglecting the interests of the students.

Being a part of an education system wherein merit plays one of the most important roles in deciding a student’s future, this is an extremely tactless move.

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Sources: Business Standard, India Today, Hindustan Times

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