It truly seems that Indian govt. is not leaving any stone unturned in bettering the skill of its youth. The international connections that PM Modi has created are also coming to fruition this way.

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Apparently, Indian govt. will be sending about 3 lakh youth out to Japan, under the govt.’s skill development programme for about 3 to 5 years for on-job training.

The news was confirmed by Dharmendra Pradhan the Union Minister with the programme being called ‘Technical Intern Training Program’ and the MoC (Memorandum of Cooperation) between India and Japan will be signed shortly.

india sending 3 lakh youth

As per reports, Japan will oversee all of the financial cost, employment along with accommodation that comes with the skill training of these technical interns.

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How Will This Benefit India?

The interns that come back to India with the Japanese skill sets and work experience will be of extreme value in the progress of our technical sector.

Considering how much emphasis is being put on, going digital, even if the general population does not want to, this might just be a good thing.

Our IT sector is currently in a dismal state and extremely vulnerable to attacks, hacks and more from dangerous sectors.

In such a condition if a majority of the country does go digital, it could spell mass trouble since at the moment our IT and Cyber Cell department are not equipped or knowledgeable enough to prevent them instantly.

The interns that will go to Japan will get the best of knowledge and experience of how developed countries work this sector, their strategies, what steps they take and more.

This all, if applied correctly to the Indian scenario, can really tighten up our cybersecurity and truly allow us to go digital without fear of important and confidential information getting leaked.

india sending 3 lakh youth

What Is In It For Japan?

Well, apart from just strengthening good relations with India, Japan is also getting good labour for a limited period of time.

This way, they can get all the benefits that come from new talent and still not dilute their culture with immigrants.

Of course, this is all speculation and it could just be a great way to build stronger connections with India.

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  1. That’s really a very well-written article. India couldn’t successfully run the PM Kaushal Vikas Yojana due to corruption prevalent in the system. The only way out is to use the system of other countries like Japan. Nice move by PM Modi.


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