India doesn’t need homosexuality.

The statement perhaps gives away the inherent thought process of any Indian individual who is perceived as “regressive”, “backward”, “narrow minded” or in the worst case scenario, a homophobe.

The idea of “love without borders” in our country sounds just as utopian as Manmohan Singh taking verbal shots at the opposition in the parliament. It’s rather peculiarly illogical and carries grave consequences over the population which stands over a billion strong with no signs of slowing down.

Now, I’m a young man of the millennial generation with the best of both worlds right in front of me but I still believe that India doesn’t need homosexuality, right now.

The advocacy of free expression of sexuality in any metropolitan environment has never taken into the account the psychological generation gap that exists and is entrenched with the idea of submissiveness among women towards men and is largely oblivious to the idea of same-sex relationships or the varying aspects of sexuality.

I want you to read the above statement at least twice before moving forward because the next part is very important:

What About Those Who Don’t Even Know What Homosexuality Exists?:

Conventional conditioning has largely propagated the idea of romance, love and family among two individuals of different sexes, be it urban or rural. Owing to this, the educational curriculum has taken the same curve of ignorance and never addressed that homosexuality exists.

India Doesn't Need Homosexuality

Now that people in a relatively open-minded setting are aware that there exist, gay people, lesbians and people with a varying sexuality other than the orthodox norm, we as millennials believe that we’ve always been oppressed and kept away from the truth.

Being rather blessed with a mindset that allows us to solve conflicts via direct confrontation, we acknowledge our differences and preach the idea of freedom of sexuality.

But what about those who are denied the basic commodity of education? Commodity because it’s paid and commodity because it’s never handed out for national progression.

Is The Change In Trends Only For The “Educated”?:

The question begs a rather methodical explanation. Just like I discussed the idea of feminism being only for the rich, homosexuality has been largely disseminated as a concept only for the educated ones.

A country where a young woman is looked up to as a cash cow, married off as a child bride when she’s 14, is potentially oblivious to marital rape, how do you get her out of the vortex of perpetual ignorance and educate her about her sexuality and how to exhibit it?

India Doesn't Need Homosexuality

How do you shove the idea of freedom of exhibition of sexuality in someone’s mouth without understanding that a person who has lived close to 50 years with a conventional exposition in terms of marriage and romance and will SUDDENLY accept the idea that they’ve been ignorant?

The Problem Is Not Just Homosexuality, It’s Same-Sex Marriages Too:

Marriage as an institution, when preached to someone carries a lot of sanctity in our culture.

The Western idea of experimentation in teenage has persisted for quite a long time and it is here where our aping culture comes in.

Understand that one man’s liberation might be another man’s blasphemy.

When I say that India doesn’t need homosexuality, I don’t wish to advocate corrective rape but what I do acknowledge is that slow and steady wins the race.

The idea of a perfect nation with equal rights sounds good on paper but that nation exists with borders and segregation of ideology at every 50 meters. Marriage as a concept needs to be propagated after a certain age and needs to be taught with the idea of selection first, then interlinked with homosexuality.

You can’t live in a village and tell a 16-year old that it’s okay if he wishes to marry a boy. Chances are you’ll be killed sooner than you say, “Oh, shit”.

Now coming to metropolitan areas, what we need is corrective parenting in a dynamic manner. The people who are parents to young kids need to be educated over a period of time about homosexuality and the kids who know about it and are yet misguided, need to be counseled on how not to treat it as something which is unnatural or a disorder.

Statistically, homosexuality is the 2nd largest cause for sexually transmitted diseases but perhaps the modern idea of liberation doesn’t want you to know that. But who can blame them? They want to love without borders.

Slow it down, ease it off. A billion people will take time to adjust and our country’s vote on the UNHRC Regulation was indeed the direct representation of the larger picture I’m trying to paint. Yes, the vote is wrong and there’s no need to kill homosexuals just because our idea of sexuality is different.

But be that as it may, India doesn’t need homosexuality. At least not now.

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  1. Homosexuality doesn’t cause STDs. If you’re talking about spreading of STDs then homosexuality might be 2nd, following heterosexuality at 1st.

      • ‘Statistically, homosexuality is the 2nd largest cause for sexually transmitted diseases but perhaps the modern idea of liberation doesn’t want you to know that. But who can blame them? They want to love without borders.’

        Sex causes STIs. What’s your point here?
        Maybe the point you meant to make is that all kids should be educated on safe sex (homosexual and heterosexual) and how STIs can be spread, so we can prevent these infections from taking more lives in the future.

  2. The contraction of an STD isn’t a consequence homosexuality but of a lack of personal hygiene. Straight couples deal with STDs as often as non-hetero ones. This STD epidemic you talk about this aggressively exists solely inside your head and has no basis in reality.

  3. So when is the right time? If u keep putting off educating people because they’re uneducated, when will u educate them? It’s a frickin paradox!


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