Take a 5 seconds break from whatever you are doing and quickly search UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) in your phone’s contact list. You’ll see UIDAI toll free number pre-saved in your phone’s contact list.

UIDAI Toll Free Number
Yep, tried and tested!
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One of my friends found it too!

Shocked? So are thousands of people on finding the UIDAI toll free number pre-saved in their cellphones. From what it looks like, the toll free number has suddenly appeared in people’s cellphones even when they did not save it or installed any application that requires entering their 12 digit UIDAI identification number.

Many people have now taken it to Twitter, questioning UIDAI about how has the toll free number appeared in their phones. Many others are accusing the UIDAI for a possible privacy breach!

The news is especially shocking as it came just days after the ‘TRAI chief’s Aadhar dare’ that did rounds on the internet. According to the dare, TRAI chief had challenged people to leak his Aadhar details, a challenge which he obviously lost.

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More on it here: TRAI Chairman Challenges Twitter To Get His Personal Data ‘Leaked’ After An Aadhaar Challenge & He Lost

After this Twitter dare, the internet was full of such posts and hashtags wherein people tried to leak each other’s Aadhar details. UIDAI had then released a notification asking the people to not get fooled and participate in such a challenge!

UIDAI had announced that people would be committing an offence under the Aadhar Act and the IPC if they leaked their Aadhar details which is as sensitive a piece of information as a Pan Card Number or Passport Number.

Just days after TRAI chief’s challenge and UIDAI’s statement, UIDAI toll free number is appearing in people’s contact list. It does raise some doubts, doesn’t it? 

And well, if you do not believe me, you are free to search for the number in your own contact list!

What or who is behind all this? We’ll have to wait and find out!

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Sources: News18, DNAIndia, NDTV +more

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