Sitting in our classrooms, we have all stared vacantly at the blackboard thinking – “When will I EVER use this in real life?”

We worked our way through multiple ‘important’ exams with the board-exam-mantra drilled into our heads –

“The rest of your life depends on this”

Needless to say, it’s still as effective as ever.

But did our lives, so far, actually depend on that exam? Not really. And why? Because mugging up of facts without actually understanding the essence of it never helped anyone. I’ll admit, not everyone “studies” in this way, there are those who imbibe the true spirit of education. But pitifully few.

Chew on this – How can you assess a person’s abilities based on what they mug up in one night? (Question posed by a frustrated 3rd-year medical student)

I’m still a student myself and so may not be the best person to rant about the Indian education system, hence here are some wise words from a few young-lings who made it in life –

Indian Education - opinion by Abhishek Jacob

Opinion by Akhila Betsy George

Opinion by Jesse P Francis

Opinion by Jose Fredric

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Opinion by Sahib Singh

Opinion by Antony George

Opinion by Deepthy Ann Thomas

Opinion by Chikku Cherian

Looking back on India’s rich Gurukul tradition where much of the teaching was practical and inculcated high levels of efficiency, it is quite saddening that the current Indian education system is trying to mass-produce maximum number of graduates – graduates with heads bursting with theories but having absolute ignorance on how to put them to practical use, thus making poor candidates for the job arena.

The students voice together as one the need for a practical approach in our system of education. Is such a change really that far away for India? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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