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Why Do Goats & Cows Deserve To Die But People Lose It When Dogs Are Killed? Quora Tells You Why


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Ever wonder why humans are hypocrites when it comes to eating non-vegetarian food?

Chicken? Yum

Goat? Tasty

Pigs? Nice

Dogs? WTF! How the hell did you say that..

This Quora user (Lauren Campbell), whose bio says “Vegan and advocate for animal rights”, has explained this fairly better for everyone to understand.

The original question says

Why do goats and cows deserve to die but people lose it when dogs are killed?

AnswerGoats and cows do not “deserve” to die. We in Western nations have just become desensitised to their deaths because it is normal to see them as food here. To some people the thought of eating a cow is abhorrent and to others the thought of eating a dog is not a big deal at all.

The reason people in the West have a hard time contemplating someone eating a dog is because many of us have had an experience with a dog that caused us to love or at least like them. They have been our family members, our friends and our loyal companions and when we see an animal we know is filled with such loyalty and love being eaten, it makes us feel like an injustice has happened.

At the same time, we take pigs, who are just as intelligent, if not more intelligent than dogs (Pigs Are Highly Social And Really Smart. So, About Eating Them…) and who can make just as good of pets as dogs, and cram them into tiny, inhumane gestation crates where they cannot even turn around for months at a time during pregnancy. They suffer in these conditions until they are shot in the head with a bolt gun and repackaged as your morning breakfast. The hypocrisy does not start between cows in the West and dogs in Asia, it starts with dogs in the West and pigs in the West.

If someone locked their dog in a kennel with a dog bed for the day, while they were at work and then came home immediately and let them out, we would scream how unfair it was. But we pay money for people to lock pigs in these tiny little crates for months at a time where the animals suffer immensely.

Our factory farming industries in the U.S. and U.K. operate with almost unchecked cruelty. We pump our chickens so full of hormones in the U.S., that they grow too large and too fast to support themselves on their own legs.

Do the pigs deserve gestation crates? Do the chickens deserve to be pumped full of hormones? Do billions of male chicks deserve to be tossed into meat grinders right after hatching because they won’t lay eggs?

Let alone dying. Dying is the last stage in the torture we regularly subject animals too.

And many people claim to love and care about dogs, for instance but will still buy from products that test on animals. Are people unaware of the lives of beagles in the animal testing industry? They choose beagles because they are so docile that they won’t fight back when they are tested upon, they’ll only cry. They are injected with toxic chemicals to see what it will do to their bodies until eventually when they have fulfilled their purpose, they’ll be killed.

Beagles are the dog breed most often used in animal testing, due to their size and passive nature

Would you like to know some of the companies that test on Beagles?

Arm & Hammer, Clairol, L’oreal, Mead, Olay, Pantene, Suave, Vicks, Johnson & Johnson and Clorox to name some.

A List of Companies (American) that still test on Beagles

How many do you buy? How many do regular people in this country buy every day while proclaiming their love for dogs?

And how about wearing fur? Plenty of fur farms use raccoon dogs and then pass it off to American companies as belonging to a different animal. How many people are now wearing the fur of a raccoon dog while carrying around their chihuahua?

None of these animals deserve to be treated the way they are, there is no excuse or reason other than what people have been taught to think is okay. There’s a thousand hypocrisies in the way we view and treat animals but very few times are we ever called to challenge our mindset. And often when we are, we resort to as many excuses and justifications as possible so that we don’t have to change our behaviour.

The cows and the goats don’t deserve to die. They don’t need to die. Humans are able to survive without eating any meat or dairy products. Not only survive but thrive, with health benefits to boot. People choose to eat meat and in turn people rationalise why it’s okay and those rationalisations affect different animals differently. When we understand that certain species have personalities and intelligence and emotions, we tend to personalise them and we tend to frown upon their harm (dolphins, dogs, elephants) and when we realise an animal tastes good or can be used as a product, we tend to dismiss their individuality and rationalise their death. There often isn’t much objective reason behind it other than the norms of the cultures we live in.

Make the connection. The choices you make matter.

This post does not encourage any kind of bashing against those who eat non-veg. It is simply an attempt to understand the double standard that our society accepts without questioning.

Being a vegetarian myself, I would just like to say one thing to all the non-vegetarians: YOU ALL WILL GO TO HELL!.

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